How to Make a Good CV or Resume with WPS Office Android


This CV or Resume is a document that contains information data about a person based on formal activities, hard skills and soft skills, brief biographical data, and important data that aims to apply for work in a workplace that suits you.

Now, you can create a CV or Resume document instantly and beautifully without having to have the ability to compose a CV or Resume format framework because this instant feature has been provided in the WPS Office Android application so that it can make it easier for you to create information data in the form of a CV or Resume for your purposes. job application to the destination you want.

The author provides a tutorial to create a CV or Resume document instantly and nicely using WPS Office on your Android smartphone.

For those of you who don’t have or install the WPS Office application on an Android smartphone, then you can download the office application directly on the Google Play Store. Make sure you are using the latest version of the WPS Office application on Android.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your Android.

2. Press More.

3. Press Resume Shaper.

4. Choose a CV or Resume template as needed.

5. Press Use this template.

6. Please fill in the CV or Resume format that has been designed by the template.

a) Fill in your personal data.

b) Fill in your work / volunteer experience.

c) Fill in your educational history.

d) Fill in your abilities/skills.

e) Fill in your language skills/expertise.

f) fill in your information data briefly.

7. Following are the results of filling in CV or Resume information data. If the CV or Resume information data is in accordance with your identity or needs, then press View.

8. Choose a CV or Resume template that will be used as a digital Resume document and press Export.

9. Choose to save the file as a ready-to-print document (PDF) or a Bitmap image (JPG). For users who subscribe to the free WPS Office, they can only select Bitmap (JPG) images. After that, press Export.

10. Here are the results.


So, you don’t need to create a CV or Resume document starting from scratch again. You just need to fill in the important parts in making a CV or Resume document using WPS Office Android which can produce CV or Resume sheets that are pleasing to the eye of recruiters or recruiters in a company or industry.


You can create your own CV or Resume document easily through WPS Office on your Android smartphone because it has provided various CV or Resume templates that you can choose according to your needs in applying for work to a company, office, or industry you are aiming for. The results of creating CV or Resume documents can be stored in internal memory (offline) or through Cloud Storage (online).


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