How to Make a Fake WhatsApp iPhone Chat on Android Without an Application

How to Make Fake Chat Whatsapp iPhone on Android Without an Application – Hey.. Has anyone seen someone else’s fake WhatsApp chat that made you excited? Of course you also want to make your own version.. now you can easily make it directly on your android phone.

If you often come across screenshots containing fake WhatsApp chats, you can do that very easily. Even without an additional application, how to create a fake WhatsApp chat can be done very simply and certainly doesn’t take long.

You don’t have to worry about your phone storage getting a little longer because at this point you can have fake WhatsApp chats through several websites that offer the service so that everyone can be as creative as possible with fun and interesting fake WhatsApp chats.

Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if later there are things that are difficult to understand, I hope you understand. This article is quite long, so READ UNTIL THE END SO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

How to Make a Fake WhatsApp iPhone Chat on Android Without an Application

1. First, you must have the Telegram application first. Yes, telegram, you know

2. So that’s it, just enter your number as usual, then use the WhatsApp theme.

light version

Dark version

This is how it looks

3. The chat starts from the bottom, so if you want to SS a certain part but want it from the top, it’s like this. Now, you just have to crop it like the second picture, or you can edit it so you can increase it the way you want

4. if you want to change the wallpaper, this is the way

– go to settings, then select the chat settings

– after that change the chat background

– now just choose from the gallery

5. This is if you want to add/make your own sticker.

– search on the search button ‘fStikBot

– keep pressing start, and select /new

– select the common type of sticker pack

– After that, you give a name, you’re free to do anything. My advice is to give it as weird a name as possible, so it’s not the same as the others. if the same can’t

– This is the name again for the link, the name is also free, the important thing is that no one has ever used it

– then if it’s like in the second picture, all you have to do is add the meme photo you want.

– Max 120 stickers, if you want to add more, just send another photo. You have to send 1 1, it can’t all go straight

– now, just add a sticker and use it

6. If you are lazy to make it, you can look for stickers on other people’s channels. This I love a lot of memes

Superiority :

– nice appearance and neater

– can create multiple accounts in

one app

– easy to make stickers

– similar to iOS whatsapp

– easier to use too


– start chat from the bottom (because it’s honest

I prefer the one from above but it’s


* Here I have tips for those of you who don’t want to buy a new number or look for a complicated blank number.

So, on Telegram, you can add numbers to up to 3 accounts, the tips are you use your number that is still active and when you register again, add numbers 1-9. You are free to choose numbers 1,2,3… Just choose one, then the code will enter the number that is still active. Like in the picture

The code must be waited according to the minutes above. Usually 5 minutes just on the phone, don’t come out the apk or the cellphone turns off. Anyway, you have to stay for 5 minutes

So 1 active number can make up to 9 accounts, if you want to make all of them you can, how do you do that?, Because telegram only maxes 3. maybe you need a lot of characters, so every time you log in to the account, immediately transfer it to telegram x

if on telegram x can get many numbers, I don’t know for sure how many but in the past I saved up to 20 accounts.

But if telegram x can’t use the theme that I gave, so my advice is put the account of the main character on the regular telegram, now you can add the additional character to telegram x

Note: this doesn’t all work with this number method, there are also some that don’t work. If it doesn’t work, you can try on another cellphone or use a foreign number.

Later, if you can’t say anything, I’ll continue this article on how to make a foreign number. Or just comment

* additional, for those who can’t use the number on the back, add it

– you download the textplus apk after that login to your google email account

– then you press tap to get your free textplus number

– after that, just choose which country number you want, it’s free as long as you press it. the one below it is also to get the next number

– if it’s like this the number is ready, all you have to do is copy it and copy it to telegram

– for the front, give the number 1, then the number you copied is deleted

– and also sync your contacts, uncheck it too. So that your contacts are not read by your telegram account

– now just waiting for the code to enter, usually on the phone via the textplus. Will it go to your cellphone too?

For me, sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know my cellphone is moody, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And usually there are also those who can or not.

This is important!!

Because this is a number from the application and it’s free, so you can just take your number with someone else, it’s a random number system. So every time someone gets your number and they use it for telegram too, your account might be lost later

My advice, after successfully getting an empty number, immediately do two-step verification.

– settings > privacy and security > two-step verification

If it’s like this, it’s usually safer, because people can’t play as long as they take our account.

* another alternative if the one who uses the number doesn’t work

You can use bots. Yes telegram bot,

– if this has to use turbotel. Turbotel is the same as telegram, but there are some features that are more similar to tele ios

– Well, first of all, look for BotFather

– keep pressing start & /newbot

– Well, the first one can have the same name as the previous one, for example, ‘princess’ can. the second is just the name of the bot, this one must be different from the others

– sign the text that uses this token. Automatically get it

– the method is the same as if you want to add a number, but you press the login by robot token

– after that, you copy the token that the bot father gave you earlier

– if you have logged in to your account, you can try to chat directly

– if it’s like in the 3rd picture, just delete the bbl / start and change the name

– so this bbl chat is a bit different from normal telegeam

– how to change it to settings and to chat settings

– you guys just set the massage corners

For turbotel, you can use the theme I use, so it’s almost the same as telegram. And this can be a max of 10 accounts in one apk, if you are complicated 2 apk telegram and turbotel. It’s better to just make one on Turbotel, this is for those who use bots. But everything is back as comfortable as you are

Yes, it’s a bit complicated, if you don’t understand, you can ask questions in the comments. if you find it difficult to create an account, just buy it. As far as I know it’s cheap, the price is 1k-1.5k, just look for those who sell a lot on telegram

In my opinion, this is not complicated, just because the explanation is difficult and requires a lot of people. Sorry if it bothers you, hope you understand.

Okay, that’s how to make a fake WhatsApp iPhone chat on Android without an application, if you want to ask, just comment.


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