How to Make a DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notification via Email

How to Make DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notifications via Email and How to Turn on Dm/Req Dm Notifications Via Email Pop Up Notifications (Works On Ios & Android) – How to Enable Push Notification DM Twitter Pop Up – You certainly know that social media applications have notification functions. Notification itself is indeed a very useful feature, Notifications will report or notify you of recent activity on your account.

Of course, with this function, you will be helped to understand the latest news and information. But it often happens when there is an error in the notification, so you don’t know that there is a new notification. Therefore, you must know an easy way to deal with twitter DM notifications that don’t turn on, so that everything goes back to normal.

Not receiving notifications will make you confused and miss information, which will also make you confused. Well, for those of you who are experiencing this problem, you can listen to this article until the end, so that it is easy to find a solution.

Well, for those who want to know how to make it, this is the right choice, as we will discuss carefully in the following article. So, don’t waste any more time, let’s continue the discussion in the following article.

How to Make a DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notification via Email

1. The email account must be active and must first log in to the Gmail application.

How to Make a DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notification via Email

2. If you are already logged in, go to ‘Settings‘. After opening, it will look like this (pic 2), just choose the email that matches your twitter account.

3. If you have selected, just scroll down. Find the part ‘Notifications‘.

How to Make a DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notification via Email

when opened ‘Notifications‘ There will be several options.

If previously there was no pop-up notification from the email, it would still bePrimary only‘, so we change it to ‘All new mail‘.

4. It’s done!

You can immediately try sending a DM using another account that you haven’t DM/DM/DMed yet. Then a notification like this will appear:


I tried it on an Android device, but it was delayed. So this depends on each device, there are many factors that affect it like the memory/signal/specs of your device.

Sometimes the notification doesn’t appear, but this is rare, because I immediately pop-up.

The device I use is iPhone 7 iOS 15, it probably works on all iPhone and iOS. But you can try it!

These are all DMs that can go into email notifications, but I don’t know if the DM contains nudity content, etc., it’s possible that the person didn’t come in… or still comes in, but gets filtered. (cmiiw)

Okay, that’s all, if anyone is still confused or has questions, you can just ask or DM. I hope this helps! <3

It’s very easy to solve notification errors from your Twitter account that is not logged in. You can follow the procedure for handling it by listening to this article carefully. However, before discussing the process, you must also understand the cause of the error or the cause of the inaccessibility of notifications from the Twitter application. For example, on Twitter, we can send tweets, replies, reposts, likes and live broadcasts.

That’s How to Make a DM REQ Twitter Pop Up Notification via Email.


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