How to make a blank name on whatsapp

How to make a blank name on whatsapp profile – WhatsApp (WA) is one of the popular applications chosen by users all over the world. People interact through chat, voice messages, phone calls, videos, sending pictures or other files. The profile owner must include his or her name on the profile. In addition, users can also choose what information other users will see, such as “busy”, “available” or undisturbed. You can set the best avatar, but uploading a display photo is not mandatory.

If you prefer not to show photos, you can do so. You can also set whether other users in your contact list can see your profile photo settings. This chat application makes it easy for users or users to communicate. Apart from that, Whatsapp can be used for other activities like voice calls, video calls, phone calls, or even sending other files.

Besides Facebook, it turns out that WhatsApp (WA) can also create blanks or empty names. How to make a blank or blank whatsapp name is very easy. Check out the tutorial below on how to clear whatsapp name. WhatsApp is an application that is used by people all over the world, even today’s parents know how to use WhatsApp and must keep up with the times.

How to make a blank name on whatsapp

1. Please open whatsapp first, it’s free to be on your cellphone or on whatsapp website
2. Then, please copy and paste the blank logo below:

( )

( )

3. Go to your whatsapp profile directly, please paste in the name like this

4. If you have, please click save / finish.

Your whatsapp name is empty, congratulations..

This method is very simple is not it? Ordinary people can apply, now your whatsapp is cooler and doesn’t need a name so it can be mysterious. This WhatsApp will make it easier for you to do anything from text, voice, to video calls, even with just a tap. This WhatsApp provides a menu to set the username in the settings.

That’s how to make a blank name on Whatsapp.


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