How to Make a Blank Name on the Latest Twitter

How to Create a Blank Name Twitter – hello friends, in this article we want to give you a tutorial on how to make your Twitter name blank. Twitter is one of the most famous social media in the world. Twitter is used by people to post a tweet. Whatever their expression is on Twitter, we can express whatever we like through text or videos and photos.

Twitter is a convenient place to use to express all our expressions there.

on Twitter people usually its some of their thoughts from their life. on Twitter you can also change your username and you can customize your Twitter account to your liking.

Because people are fed up with Instagram which can only upload photos like Facebook and Twitter, you can post a text which is usually called a tweet. You can create a Twitter account with any username while it’s still available.

Usually Twitter is used by people to be what they like on social media. For example, he likes Korean oppas, so he usually creates a second Twitter account related to Korean oppas.

People create Twitter accounts that they can do anything they want except things that are prohibited by Twitter.

To make your Twitter account beautiful, of course, you have to add photos and Twitter covers that are related or unique.

Because with a unique Twitter profile photo and cover it also makes your Twitter account more attractive.

You can also choose the username you want, you can use Indonesian or other terms that you get. You can create a unique username while it’s still available.

You can also make your Twitter name interesting. you can put your name on your Twitter or you can put any name you like duck but have you ever made a blank Twitter name or Blank?

How to Create a Blank Twitter Name

Making the Twitter name blank or saying that in 2012-2013 we can still use a blank emoji which can then be used to make the Twitter name blank. But after that update until now it is no longer possible to use the blank emoji which creates an empty Twitter name.

But now we have found a new emoji that you can use to make your Twitter name blank. This meeting is not visible if you use it on a cellphone or on a computer because this emoji is an emoji found in one of the world’s languages, it seems like an emoji from Vietnam, but I don’t know if this emoji or emoticon is the same as the name but the mother is like that, so how do I install it? The following

How to Make a New Blank Twitter Name

1. Please prepare your twitter account of course. make sure you already have a Twitter account and already login.

2. Then go to profile you and click edit profile.

3. After that enter the emoji below so that your Twitter name becomes blank or Blank

4. After copying, please paste it in your Twitter name column.

How to Create the Latest Blank Twitter Name 2019

5. After that click save then your name will automatically be lost.

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It is possible that this emoji or this emoticon will be blocked again by Twitter. Because Twitter does not allow one Twitter user who does not have a name. L requires someone to have a name on his twitter no matter what the name is but must have a name.

Okay, so that’s the article about how to make a name on Twitter blank or Blank. Hopefully with this tutorial this time it can help all of you to make a doctor’s name blank. If there are questions and additions, please comment in the comments column below. Thank you so much


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