How to Lock Google Chrome Browser So It Can’t Be Opened by Others

How to Lock Google Chrome Browser So It Can’t Be Opened by Others – Locking your browser with a password is the best way to increase your security. Here’s how to lock the Google Chrome desktop browser with a password.

Even if you are away from your computer for a while, someone can still snoop on your social media accounts, emails, and even find out the passwords stored in your browser.

Most people set their computer to lock the screen automatically when the computer is not used for 5-10 minutes.

We recommend locking your browser if you share your device with other people. To enter your password is also very easy and it will definitely protect your privacy. This time the admin will share how to lock the Google Chrome browser with a password.

When you lock the browser, the browser will display a login window. To unlock it, enter your password and log in. If you forget your password, you can click the menu icon in the top right corner to reset your password.

The best part about this extension is that you won’t lose any tabs while locking your browser. Every time you log in again, previously opened tabs will appear automatically.

How to lock the Google Chrome browser so that it can’t be opened by others

*Note: This method can only be used on the Google Chrome browser and it is highly recommended to use the latest version.

1. The first step, we will download the extension first. Please type “browser lock” without the quotes in Google search. Then, click on the link that says “Lock Your Browser” or click the link here

2. After that, please click Add to Chrome and a notification will appear as in the second picture. You click Add extension, to add an extension Browser Lock into the browser.

3. You will be asked to create the desired password along with your email. Well, this email function is to notify you if you experience problems such as forgetting your password, so it is highly recommended to use a valid email.

4. If you have succeeded it will appear as shown below:

5. To increase security, you can activate the Deep Security feature so that it is not easily broken into by the Brute Force Attack method. So, if you have entered the wrong password 3 times then for 3 minutes you will not be able to enter the password again.

The Browser Lock extension also has a dark mode feature, too.

6. Please close all browsers that are currently open. Then, reopen it and see what happens.

A few ways to lock the Google Chrome browser so that it can’t be opened by others

Someone can easily access your browser at the same time, otherwise it will automatically lock with lock screen feature.

The computer uses several user accounts, one for work, the other can not be used, we protect it with a password, others can use one user account without a password.


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