How to Know File Metadata in Google Drive


Metadata is something we actually see often, but may not even be aware of. As a starting point, metadata is a form of data that provides information or describes other data. With metadata information, you can find out about the file information such as viewing file size, file name, file extension type, source location, and so on.

In this Google Drive service, you can find out about the metadata of files stored in Google Drive, whether you upload files from a computer, laptop, or cellphone or share files from other Google Drive users. You can find out file metadata information such as images, audio, videos, documents, and so on directly on Google Drive.

Some of the Functions of the Metadata File as follows

  • Provide information to help manage resources, such as when and how information is created, types of documents and other technical information, and who has access to the file.
  • Shows how a collection of objects are arranged together into one.
  • Describes a resource for describing discovery and identification. It can include elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords.

For example, you are looking for information about a music file in detail, then you must know the metadata of the file which includes the name of the music, the singer’s name, description, duration of time, and so on.

The author provides a tutorial to view or find out about file metadata in Google Drive. This is useful to make it easier for you to find detailed file information on Google Drive.


1. Visit the site Google Drive.

2. Log in correctly and correctly.

3. Select the file you want to view or find out about file metadata in Google Drive.

4. Click the three dots icon >>> Details.

5. Here are the results.

You can see about file metadata which includes file extension type, file size, file creation date, file modification date, access rights that can be accessed, sharing, description, along with Download Permission status.



You can view or find out about file metadata in Google Drive so that it can make it easier for you to find detailed file information or see access rights that can be accessed on the file. This metadata is useful for retrieving some information about the required files such as publishing the journal to an authorized site by including the author’s name, journal name, year of creation, abstract, and so on.

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