How to Invest in Crypto Early Projects with Venture Capital

How to Invest in Crypto Early Projects with Venture Capital – I want to briefly explain investing in early crypto projects by entering venture capital

First of all I want to explain about venture capital.

How to Invest in Crypto Early Projects with Venture Capital

Venture Capital (VC) is one of the companies that handle funding for a new startup (especially in crypto)

Usually VCs do open funding on projects to their members with a limited allocation (the project will divide the allocation to other VCs)

For every project you want to fund, there are provisions for the distribution of tokens (tokenomics), some are given 10%, 15%, etc

Which means, for every funding we will get coins according to the agreement at the beginning, yes, and profit or loss, depending on the valuation of the tokens we hold

Are there minimum and maximum funds? The answer is Yes, depending on each VC.

Are there fees? Yes, according to the policy of each VC

Can you lose? Can!

Here’s a list of recommended indo capitals according to me

Phloem Capital (this is really top)

Avstar Capital (partnership with tomket)

Dreamboat Capital (partnership with airdropfind)

– Millennial Capital (partnership with cryptomedia).

It’s better to join ventures, there is a TGE.

There are several ventures that make money in Indonesia

1. Dreamboat

2. Avstar

3. Cuanterus

4. Community

5. Bscgems ( x venture )

6. Cryptoiz Research

7. Kenzo Ventures

8. Titan Ventures

9. Cryptomedia

Etc there are many more

Just follow them, instead of investing, it’s not clear.

Experience of several crypto ventures, invest $100 to $5000, invest $1000 and 5M is also available.

Even though there are 7% TGE, 10% have returned on investment + profit, sometimes there is only return on investment.

Can you create your own venture capital?
Yes, you can, but you need a solid team + lots of experience, and most importantly, you have to have a lot of money.

Cake stuff like that is not that easy to build. need high trust fellow members. and usually circulars are formed from the existence of the same beliefs and goals, of course the members are also those we have known for a long time and have experience.

The consortium needs broad knowledge and experience as well.

Can it be spilled or not at least to join it?

$100 (can go up/down depending on the VC)

Next is continued.. please go around the website first

What are the advantages of joining a VC?

the price of the token is below the price of the private sale so it’s delicious the price is really cheap


– After the project is launched, it doesn’t even work, the money is corrupted, etc
– Dump risk, the risk is just that dump, but once a dump, you can play -50% more, but the project failed a little out of dozens of bad projects 1/2, but even then I changed to the moon project, I closed 10 projects with 1 project capital


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