How to Insert an Image from Google Drive in Google Docs

This article discusses a tutorial for inserting or inserting one or more images taken from Google Drive into a Google Docs worksheet. These images can be used as support in documentation, research, news, short stories, novels, and other written literary works. The results of entering these images into Google Docs can be an added value for the interest of people who read your writings.

For example, if you are writing a thesis or scientific article, you definitely need an image produced from a camera shoot to be saved to Google Drive. After that, you can make this thesis using Google Docs because you can do it anywhere with any platform as long as there is an internet connection. You can take pictures sourced from Google Drive according to the content or contents of digital documents that you create and will be published to many people (the public).

You can also continue to work on projects related to digital documents from Microsoft Word to Google Docs so that you can complete them in a timely manner and according to the target deadline, either through the web app or mobile app. Before following this tutorial, make sure your Google Drive account has been integrated first so you just need to insert images from Google Drive into Google Docs.


1. Visit the Site Google Docs.

2. Do logins in general correctly.

3. Select the digital document file to which you want to add an image.

4. Click Insert >>> Image >>> Drive to add an image from Google Drive.

5. Select one or more images from Google Drive to be inserted into the worksheet.

6. Click Insert.

7. Display the results of the image insertion.

8. Arrange the image according to your needs such as image size, crop image, providing image transparency, and so on.


You can include one or more additional images taken from Google Drive in the same way that supports content or content in digital documents that will be read publicly or specifically.


You can insert or insert one or more images taken from Google Drive into Google Docs which can make it easier for you to create documentation, scientific papers, and other written works by using images as supporting content or the contents of digital documents that will be read by many. people (society).

Moreover, you have direct images obtained from camera shooting activities in activities such as research, weddings, traditional events, field surveys, science lab results, and others that will become supporters in the content or content of digital documents that you create such as reports results of labs, theses, surveys or observations, and so on, whether they are general (can be read by many people) or specific (can be read by selected people).


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