How to Increase WARP+ Quota on Unlimited Free

How to Increase WARP+ Quota on Unlimited Free – DNS stands for Domain Name System and its function is to translate website names to IP addresses or vice versa so that internet users can open target sites faster. DNS released by Cloudflare is a DNS with high security and fairly fast speed.

The presence of the internet in digital media, of course, offers many benefits from time to time. We can use the internet not only as a medium to find information, but also as a medium for interacting, learning, and other useful things.

The ability to use the Internet is influenced by two factors, media acceptance and stability. Cloudflare introduces a solution to the problem of hampered internet speed through their newest feature WARP.

Unlike DNS provided by other ISPs (Internet Service Providers), they often keep DNS logs for their own purposes. DNS has a response time of around 14ms, faster than some existing DNS, namely OpenDNS. (20ms) and GoogleDNS (34ms), so Cloudflare’s DNS is currently the fastest DNS in the world.

How to Increase WARP+ Quota on Unlimited Free


Web version: Here
Desktop App Version:Here

but if you want to go fast, just use the GUI, you can set a thread


1. Open your app and click the 3 line in the upper right corner

2. Click the “Advanced

3. Click the “Diagnostic

4. Copy the ID “8f5ae until it runs out”

5. open Warp Plus app or Web version

How to Increase WARP+ Quota on Unlimited Free

^ above web version

below for the application version:

6. Enter your ID

7. according to the thread

8. select S1/S2 until the proxy count increases

9. then click start

10. If successful it will be like this:

Well, you already know what DNS is. For those of you who are curious and want to try How to Increase WARP + Quota on Unlimited Free, here’s how to do it.

That’s how to add WARP+ Quota on Unlimited Free. Keep in mind that this application is actually not much different from a regular VPN application. It’s just that this application uses Cloudflare’s special DNS which has been proven to stabilize the internet network.


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