How to Give Document Page Boundaries in WPS Office PC

This article discusses giving page borders to documents in WPS Office Desktop or for PC. This is known as a page frame with the aim of making it easier to write or beautify the appearance of documents that will be printed or read by many people. This is usually a document that is a planner (planning) or scheduler (scheduling) such as making an ebook or book about the upcoming 2022 or 2023 Planner.

Frames or borders for the margins of this page are usually used to make a cover / cover / thumbnail that will become a big title before entering the content or body of the page, making an invitation letter with a simple and minimalist style, making a CV or Resume, or creating documents whose design is simple.

The author will provide a tutorial to provide a boundary line for the margins of document pages in WPS Office Desktop or specifically for PCs / computers. For decorating the frame or dividing line, you can adjust the appearance of the frame provided by WPS Office Desktop in all your needs in creating a document.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your laptop or PC.

2. Choose to create a new document or an existing document.

3. Click the Page Layout menu.

4. Click Page Boundary to add a border to the page border.

5. You can choose the type of border line (frame) of the page according to your needs and provide the position of the boundary line on the border on a document page. In addition, you can also give a shadow effect in the frame, the size of the outline of the frame, and so on.

6. After doing the page delimitation, click OK / OK.

7. Here are the results.

So, you can see the border line at the edge of the document page in WPS Office Desktop directly. After that, you can do text typing to fill the page content within the boundary line or according to your creativity.


If you want to create a book or content that stands out from the appearance of a physical (if printed) or electronic document design without using the Editor application, you can use the WPS Office Desktop application to create a page content display in a document that produces an interesting work, including making borders or borders on the margins of the page easily. Moreover, WPS Office Desktop can be used for free to create simple documents or create your own document designs or templates.


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