How to Get Youtube Premium Free 4 Months

Method 1: Claim from Samsung

1. Prepare a nox emulator/etc

2. login gmail on the system emulator / via the playstore, not in the browser

3. open in chrome browser, make sure it says you get a 4 month free trial, if you haven’t tried generating IMEI/search for S21 IMEI

5. pay via cc/vcc/other supported payment methods (cc charge 10k will be refunded later)

enjoy 4 months of youtube premium, can login to other devices/free







1. Create Emulator Instance (LD,NOX,MEMU)

2. Don’t log in email first – Install the Youtube apk from Google (apkpure, etc.)

3. Close the First Instance Earlier

4. The First Emulator Instance CLONE

5. Before Opening the Clone Instance, Change the Clone Result Model Number (Model Number According to SS or above)

6. Open the youtube app, login email from the youtube apk

7. Check the 4 Month Trial Banner, if successful, delete the clone instance.

8. Login email on physical cellphone, start trial using SIMCARD BILLING.

9. Done.

9. Just Clone Main Instance if you want gas again.

2 months YouTube Premium: All Samsung Mobile devices excluding S21 5G S21 plus 5G & S21 Ultra 5G

4 months YouTube Premium: S21, S21 plus 5G, S21 Ultra 5G. No other Samsung devices qualify for 4 months

Claims must be made between 03.06.21 and 05.03.22(11.59pm)

Method 2: CC Genius

How to create Youtube Premium and Spotify Premium accounts

* Ok first, I share Youtube first

Prepare a card, open youtube>subscription>free trial, just choose to use the card in pmbyrn, friend, if it’s an error, change the old account, if it’s finished, just cancel, then register again

#Spotify premium

Prepare Cc Jenius, don’t you have it? Make (free)

Go to spotify*com


Which free trial do you choose?

and enter your genius Cc data

w tried 1 cc genius 2 times, it worked, not tried 3 times, bye, tq bro


That’s How To Get Youtube Premium For Free For 4 Months


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