How to Get the Latest Free 1 Lot Stock

How to Get the Latest Free 1 Lot Stock – Hi hi. I want to share my experience in starting investing in stocks and mutual funds. This is my personal experience. And if later there are mistakes, feel free to make corrections ^^

2 years ago, when I was a freshman, I was actually really interested in learning about investing. Often share on Ig stories about stocks and mutual funds, armed with the experience of studying the capital market in high school. Because I was a beginner at that time, so I started into mutual funds

When I was a freshman, I bought mutual funds at Tokopedia, I really remember that. But yeah, he’s also a beginner. The psychology and emotions as an investor have not been obtained at all. Very labile. As a result, it goes down a bit and even sells it at a loss. About 6 months, really “nothing”

I finally stopped. Because there is no knowledge whatsoever. But, at the beginning of 2021 yesterday, it was like I got that kind of inspiration from an ig post about financial matters. Yes, the content is, the sooner you start (invest), the faster the road to financial freedom

How to Get the Latest Free 1 Lot Stock

It reminded me of an investment that I had left for a year. Let’s start, I read again about stocks and mutual funds. Moreover, I am the type of person who is extravagant, and if I save very little. From there I realized, this investment should be learning by doing

Why should we invest as early as possible?

We must first know what the purpose of our investment is. For a pension? Holiday? S2 fee? Well, maybe here I will summarize why we have to invest (I’ll insert my version too hehe)

1. Ofc meets long-term financial goals

2. Additional sources of finance (through dividends or capital gains)

3. Prepare for old age as early as possible

4. The money we invest is free from the influence of inflation

5. Proof of our devotion to the country hehe this is my version

Why serve the country? Because this is it. Stocks and mutual funds are letters that prove that we have invested in the company. For example, we have Indofood shares, which means we also indirectly provide capital…

Imagine, how many Indofood employees do you invest in running the company? You get profits, Indofood has the capital, the workers can be paid. Hey, here’s an example

Well, it’s also important to know about stocks and mutual funds.

1. Stock. Shares are proof of ownership of the company’s value. The unit of stock is lots. 1 lot consists of 100 shares. To buy shares, at least 1 lot guys

The price displayed on the exchange is the price per share, guys. For example, 1 share of Rp. 100. So, 1 lot = 100 x Rp. 100 = Rp. 10,000

Stock risk tends to be high. But, remember the principle of High Risk High Return. High risk, high profit

2. Mutual funds. We manage our own stocks, while Mutual Funds, investment managers manage for us. Mutual funds usually consist of several investment instruments, such as stocks and bonds. Because the one who manages the investment manager, the risk is low. Great for beginners

Now, I’m investing in both guys. Using secondary securities applications, which are user friendly. Guess what? Clue: Now his BA is Iqbal CJR wkwkwk.

Yep very true. Wonderful!

How to get free shares in Magic?

The application that I have used for about a year is Magic, guys. Yes, after a long time, I want to share about stocks again, wow. Let’s read here to get free shares!

Why Magic? Because it is very user friendly for beginners. Looks good and not complicated. You can see the index, update the JCI, and even provide technical analysis and news about related stocks every day. So, you can analyze and buy stocks in one application.

This is how it looks

Starting from just 10 thousand rupiah, we can already buy 1 lot of shares and mutual funds. So, there’s no such thing as having not started investing because you don’t have a large amount of money, guys. Investment isn’t just for the rich, right?

How do you get the shares? Follow these steps

1. Download and install the Magic application Here
The app has been supervised by OJK and IDX

2. Click register, enter the requested data. Such as cellphone numbers, emails, passwords, etc

3. Now this is the most important part to get free shares. In the Magic code section, enter the promo code:


If you use this code, you can get free shares/mutual funds up to Rp. 3 million! I’m so happy

4. Continue to register. Fill in your personal information, prepare your KK, ID card, signature, etc

5. Don’t forget to verify your email. Then, you will be directed to fill in investment data. Such as income information, investment goals, etc., to make it easier for the application to assess your investment profile

6. Account verification

7. Alright. Now wait for account activation, okay?

Account activation lasts 4-5 working days. After that, your account is ready to be used for investment. Top up your RDN balance, do analysis, find stocks with good fundamentals, then buy them for long-term storage ^^

[Cara klaim saham gratis]

After registering with the code


you can click the profile menu and click referrals. Well, later there will be 1 coin that you get. These coins can be exchanged for 1 lot of free shares, or can be exchanged for free trading fees. Choose free stock

These free shares will automatically be added to your stock portfolio.

Well, how? Easy investment right? Now you don’t need to open a remote investment account.” Through 1 application, we can prepare funds for long and medium term needs

Message from me: when investing, use cold funds. Don’t use funds for primary needs, because basically this investment is to save funds for use in the future

Happy investing~

Feel free for those who want to ask questions about investment and magic in DM

Here, I will give you one of my stock portfolios, which during this week got the highest percentage of return, wkwk


That’s How To Get The Latest Free 1 Lot Of Stocks


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