How to get rid of the WhatsApp block that blocks us

How To Get Rid Of The Whatsapp Block That Blocks Us Unblock Chat – This method is useful if you are blocked by your crush/ex/other. WhatsApp as an instant messaging application is unquestionable. only through the Internet network, we can send messages, pictures, videos, phone calls and video calls to all the users we talk to.

all WA users can chat with anyone without any hassle. Any number connected to WhatsApp will appear in the WhatsApp contact list. This is what people often use to send chat

How to get rid of the WhatsApp block that blocks us

For some reason, maybe someone blocked your WA, so you can’t contact him on WhatsApp. But calm down, actually we can unblock the WA that blocks us

Before proceeding to the steps to unblock WhatsApp, first think about why your WA is blocked, whether it’s because it interferes with your privacy, or you don’t know the reason behind the blocking.

Well this time we will discuss how to open WhatsApp that is blocked by a friend without changing the number, this is a very simple trick.

How to get rid of the WhatsApp block that blocks us

* Read + while in practice.

1. Remove the number of the person who blocked you from your contacts.

If the number of the person who blocked you is not in your contacts, just skip the step above.

2. Backup all Whatsapp chats kamu because later there will be a step to delete the account.

Go to WA Settings -> Chats/Messages -> Chat Backup/Message Backup

Scroll down to find the Google Account menu / Google Account then tap

Select the google account that will be used as a backup

After that, scroll up and tap the backup button

Wait until the backup process is complete

3. Delete Whatsapp Account

Go to WA Settings -> Account/Account -> Delete Account/Delete Account

Scroll down then enter your wa number and then tap Delete My Account / Delete My Account

4. Clear Whatsapp Data

Open your HP Settings

Look for the Application Menu

After that look for the Whatsapp application

Tap the Clear Data/Clear Data Button

or can too

Uninstall WA -> Continue to install again

5. Open the Whatsapp application after you Clear Data/Reinstall.

Verify the number as usual

After verifying the number there is usually a restore chat display

Tap Restore Chat/Restore Chat

Select the google account that you used for backup

Wait until the restore process is complete.

6. After entering the main WhatsApp view (chat view)

Now you can test it by sending a chat to the person who blocked you

If our WA number is blocked by a friend we think is important, don’t be confused, here you can find a solution. There are many ways to open our WhatsApp without changing a new number. If you want something practical, you can change a new number. However, this is not the right solution.

So many ways to get rid of the WhatsApp block that blocks us, hopefully it will be useful


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