How to get passive income every month, laying down capital

Welcome to IT People Blog. Passive income is income earned by someone with minimal effort or even without the slightest effort to get it. Is there any? of course

For example, my own blog,, which already has thousands of articles, even though I left it for 2 months because I was busy preparing all my wedding matters, but I still get paid from Google Adsense every month even though I completely ignore it hehe

Someone who has passive income can focus on the main job without being distracted by additional work. No need to bother working from early in the morning until midnight, just wait for each payday date (if blogger from adsense is between 22-23-24-25 every month) until the money goes into the account, only the capital is lying down

How to get passive income

Getting passive income is not only from blogging activities, you know, there are still many side jobs that don’t need to be done too often but the income can come in every month on a regular basis;

1. Invest in Stocks

Doubling money by investing in stocks has given birth to many OKB (New Rich People) in our society today, but stock investing requires professional knowledge and predictions. Look for issuers with good fundamental potential and can last for decades

Where do the benefits of investing in stocks come from? Of course, from the difference in stock prices when the price increases, stock investors also get dividends from each company’s profits. This dividend is paid for every stock slot you have, so the more stock slots you have, the bigger the dividend you will get.

2. Rent out private property

It’s no secret that property can be the best source of passive income. Whether it’s sold or rented within a certain period of time.

Many TKI-TKW return from abroad immediately build boarding houses or shop houses and then rent them out

If you already have a 71-door boarding house, the owner just lies down and the rent will be received every month

3. Play affiliate marketing

Many on Quorawan students who make big profits from the marketing business without money and without needing to stock up on goods only with online capital.

They only share product sales links on social media homepages such as twitter, instagram, whatsapp status, tiktok and so on.. these affiliate links are permanently attached to the chronology

So, every time a purchase occurs through their affiliate links, these affiliates will benefit. The way it works is just to share these affiliate links to social media or you can also advertise at a certain rate

Let’s say the price of Honey products from Omah Tawon per small box is 175 thousand with a profit of 25 thousand per sale per box, if in a day there are 20 transactions, just multiply the profit

There are many ways to attract the attention of potential consumers, one of which is the lure of free shipping, buy 1 get 2, giving attractive bonuses such as headsets for 15 thousand, etc.

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4. Play blog or youtube

One way to get passive income that is currently popular is through blogs and YouTube channels.

In the past, blogs were very popular, even though there were often kopdar invitations for bloggers in my area, including free accommodation for meals and transportation fees, in return the invitees only asked for reviews on my personal blog.

Currently, what are popular are youtubers, tiktoker, users only need to upload interesting video content with the potential for cash income. If your upload is watched by many people, it can invite brand ambassadors to advertise

There are many ways to make money from blogs and youtube, the most classic way is to rely on the GoogleAdsense advertising network. The concept is that you will be paid every time a visitor/viewer clicks on an ad banner that appears on your blog/youtube. Apart from Google Adsense, there are many other advertising networks

Other ways can be offering endorsements, selling affiliate products, reviews and so on

Honestly, in my office, I’m tired of hearing stories about the children of gang heads, they say their children can only earn 10 million/month with only youtube or tiktok capital, of course I ask what kind of content they upload? the answer turns out to be very ordinary, starting from the content of train departures, reviews of children’s toys, reviews of face wash soap, and funny short duration 2-dimensional animations… waowww

5. Deposit in the bank

Saving money in a bank is the best conventional way of investing and saving money. The problem is that if you buy stock assets and mutual funds, you will definitely not be calm when the portfolio shows the remaining assets are minus because the market price drops

The profit on deposit interest is higher than regular savings, the tenor can be chosen as 1-2-3-4-5 years. Now when it’s due, it feels like a durian crash, hehe because we have a lot of money

Choose a trusted deposit place, don’t ever use neo bank they are scammers.. they say the interest rate is 8%, it turns out that the interest zone is very small, not in accordance with the promo event. So I tried instant deposits with the lure of 8% Pa/month, it turns out that after maturity the profits are the same as standard deposits, choose a 1 year tenor if in doubt because the money deposited can only be taken when it is due, there is an option to activate rollover if you want to extend the tenor.

Having passive income every month is actually not an easy matter, you have to work very hard on certain days like I am a pro blogger on Saturdays, I really work hard to write quality articles and schedule posts for the next 1 week. If you want to be good, you can pay the author, but it’s very rare to find a writer who meets our expectations

Passive income is like the saying goes, “toil first.. have fun later”.

So, don’t think about the joys first if you haven’t felt the difficulties. Some of the visitors to this blog have come to the house wanting to learn to blog half-assed [udah gak kenal, mau menginap lagi sedangkan dirumah ada istri, padahal saya kerja ngantor]I’ve just written a few articles, I’m already stressed, I’m loud and clear, while giving me money, I asked to take care of my blog with a target of 3-4 months, I have passive income every month, I’d better take the time to take care of my own assets 😂



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