How to Get Office 365 Original Free Forever

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 Original for Free – hello friends, in this article we want to give you a tutorial, namely how to get the original Microsoft Office 365 for free with a complete license code. Office 365 is a software developed by Microsoft that aims to increase people’s productivity with its features, namely for presentations, word and Excel.

Of course, many people already know about Office 365 because it contains software that is very useful for us for people to work with. According to trend monitoring, it can be seen that Office 365 users have reached 200 million buyers, while its competitor, Google Suit, has only reached 5 million buyers. Of course, this has a huge impact on how popular 365 is.

Indeed, mostly in offices, in employees, in several related agencies by using this software from Office 365. Because indeed this is a software that is already legendary and until now it continues to be developed and also has the latest features that are very unique. To get Office 365, you actually have to pay for the license or you could say you bought it.

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 Original for Free

*Update March 2022

you need a cellphone number for OTP (I was asked to create a new account, if you just want to sign in, I don’t know)

e-mail can also use temp mail, it’s free

For those who don’t have ISO 365, you can just click install, it’s around 4GB ISO

1. Click the link below

2. Keep going click Join Now

3. Login with your Microsoft account

4. If you already have login, just login

5. Keep clicking Set up E5 Subscription

6. Create your domain and username

7. Keep on staying submit and finished

Here is the license E5

8. Click Go to Subscription

9. Login with your previous username and domain

10. Keep on downloading

*Note: This can be forever, after that you will be asked to change your password every 3 months.

————————————————– ——————————————-


1. First open this website

Its function is to get verification when registering for office365 later (you can only use the web below, no other temporary email web can yet)
because the website is in Chinese, just translate the page

2. Go to the Microsoft web below, select students/teachers

3. Already paste the email that you got from the web, into the Office 365 web and click Continue

4. Continue to fill in random data like you like

5. After that, enter Verification Code from web temporary email ( then start..
6. Keep filling Recovery Email or phone no, next next aja
7. Done, it will be auto to direct to

How to get the license at


look for it ok

but with this free tutorial you can get it original with a complete license. But most of you who don’t know this tutorial, of course you use the cracked version of Office 365. We are sure that many still use pirated offices
Of course this has an impact on users because it is usually a file and Sis has a virus or something malicious that can damage your computer.

Many people want to get Office 365 premium for free because with Office 365 premium you can get features that you don’t get from regular office. if you do not activate the license from Office 365 then you will not be able to edit a document in Word, Excel, presentation.

To get a premium account from Office 365, it turns out that you have to register as a student or as a .k because Microsoft provides free fees for science fighters, namely students and teachers who use Office 365.

But this does not apply in Indonesia but abroad. this method is indeed an application of the office365 method abroad, here’s how:


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