How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free and Notion Pro University – hello friends how are you? Have you ever been dizzy with work or college assignments that piled up, but don’t know which one to do first, or sometimes forget because you like to procrastinate?

Well, in this post I want to tell you about an application that can help you organize your college or work assignments, friends, even this application can be used to manage schedules, take notes, manage databases, and more. What is the name of the app…?

This application is called Notion, Notion itself is an application that can be used to assist users in organizing schedules or personal matters that make activities more productive and Notion is a complete workspace application that you can use to manage your work, take notes, plan, save databases, and more.

You can use this notion app on your website, desktop app, Android and iOS. I use this notion application to store profile data, to make notes and plans or ideas related to the blog or article I want to write, I also do the most urgent to-do lists at this time.

Have you made the best use of the University or school e-Mail service? Well, one of the benefits you get is that you can get a Notion Education Plan (Pro) for free

Notion is very suitable for ambitious friends and organizations who want to organize activities in a good and structured manner.

Let’s see the following tutorial.

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

Ingredient: Prepare University or School Email

Tutorials :

1. First visit the following link:

2. Select Try Notion for free > then click Sign Up (if you don’t have a list, if you already have a login, bro)

3. Then please Continue with google

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

4. Choose which “For Myself”

5. Please go to the menu Settings > Members

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

6. Select a section Upgrades and select “Get Free Education Plan

7. then change email you with campus email

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

8. Enter password your notion account and Check Email Get a verification code.

How to Get Notion Pro Premium for Free

9. Done

Friends who already have a school or college email address can directly enter their email address in the registration form, then click listor friends who use G-Suite at school or college, can visit the registration page, then click Continue to Google and select Friends to use school domain email.

In using this notion, I do list data, status to find out where the work has been completed, in progress or completed, and we can also see the due date as the due date for the work to be done.

Oh yes, the notion app is actually a paid app but there is a private use version which is free to use

A few ways to get Notion Pro Premium for free


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