How to Get Money from Thetan Arena Moba

How to Get Money from Thetan Arena Moba How to Exchange GTHC Coins THETAN ARENA, MOBA esport based on blockchain – Thetan Arena is a game based on blockchain technology, which is currently popular and growing.

The game is similar to the usual moba moba but in this game you can only play 4 vs 4 with other people or work with your friends to win the game in thetan arena,

How to Get Money from Thetan Arena Moba

if you lose the game, you will not get THC (Thetan Coin). If you win continuously, you can get a lot of thetan coins, but if you lose often, your level will drop and you won’t get thetan coins.

because this blockchain technology can send various point-to-point data across databases without the need for a server. This is used as an opportunity by game developers or application developers to create complete facilities

The Thetan Arena game is developed by WolfFun, and the application file size is 135 MB. You need to know in advance that Thetan Arena is an NFT or non-fungible token based game.

In other words, this game will use cryptocurrency technology, or better known as cryptocurrency. In this way, future players can collect coins to exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Even though this Thetan Arena game can be played for free. How to exchange GTHC coins via Trust Wallet / metamask Basically, Thetan Arena’s game mechanics are very similar to the Battle Crawl and Mobile Legends games.

You will find interesting heroes with various abilities. If you are curious about these heroes, you can visit them first through the website that we introduced above.

How to Get Money from Thetan Arena Moba


Free games don’t need to have NFT

invite 1 friend to get 3 gTHC = 3 THC

1 $THC = 1.2$

$THC can also be obtained via quests, battles, SM rankings

push rank to bronze 5 = 130 gTHC, that’s all alone

Material: Wallet

How to Register:

1. Click this link to get a bonus Here

download the game (android/ios)

2. Register in game (don’t use guest account)

You can use email, then he will send a code to your email for verification.

3. Download and register wallet Metamask until finished. (can be android or iOS)

Go to metamask > slide to right > Search Settings > Select Network > Add Network> Enter this data:

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4. It’s time to connect wallet, open it in Browser in the Metamask app

5. Slide to the right, Click Connect Wallet, finish it until it’s finished

6. After that, if it’s already awesome, it means you can do it

7. Connect the game account to your wallet (this is permanent and cannot be changed)

8. continue to enter the game, to take the invite link, go to the friends menu> invite

9. push until bronze (wd thc must be at least bronze rank and account age is 12 days)

10. Done

If you keep winning you can get a lot of thetan coins but if you lose often then your rank will go down and you won’t get thetan coins.

Please go to the thetan arena marketplace and then you link your thetan arena account to the metamask wallet, remember to use the binance smart chain network, if it is linked, it will look like this, yes, ges, well, this is already linked and has got 10 thetan coins and is ready to be transferred claim or withdraw to metamask.

But wait, yes, yes, so you can claim the thetan coin, your minimum rank is bronze 1, then you can withdraw it to your metamask wallet, for network costs we don’t know it because for a minimum withdrawal from thetan coin you must reach bronze rank 1.


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