How to Get Free WordPress Hosting from Freehostia via the Latest Android


This article discusses how to get free WordPress hosting from Freehostia which is suitable for those of you who want to learn WordPress online in creating a blog, building personal branding, creating landing pages, and so on.

This is because free WordPress hosting must have limitations, namely the maximum capacity of the MySQL database is only 10 MB and storage is only 250 MB. However, there are limitations if you use this free hosting such as deleting hosting if the site is crowded every day so you have to upgrade to paid hosting in order to continue developing your blog or website with WordPress.

Ban for some Domain Extension Names

There are several domain name extensions, both Top Level 1 and Level 2 Domains. Top level 1 domains such as .id, .com, .xyz, .net, and so on. While the Top Level 2 domains are,,,, and so on.

Well, there are several domain extension names above that do not accept Free WordPress hosting from Freehostia, namely:

  • Top Level 1 Domain Extension Names that can be provided for free such as .tk, .ga, .cf, .ml, and so on.
  • Some of the Top Level 2 Domain Extension Names originating from Indonesia are and

The author provides a tutorial to get free WordPress Hosting from Freehostia via Android. Before starting the tutorial, you make sure you have your own domain that has been specified above.


A. Register an Account to Get Free WordPress Hosting.

In this section you learn how to get free WordPress Hosting from Freehostia.

1. Visit the site Freehostia.

2. Click Sign Up Now For Free.

3. Choose the type of heating Chocolate. For Script, choose the latest version of WordPress.

4. Enter your domain name, both the main domain and a subdomain of your own domain. If the text input display is green, then the name of the site can be used to get free WordPress Hosting.

5. Click Continue.

6. Enter your identity data and check the Agreement ToS from Freehostia.

7. Tick Capcha.

8. Click Continue.

9. Enter a new password for the Freehostia Control Panel so that the Control Panel can be used by you. Try, enter the password until a green linear bar appears.


11. Click resend verification email to verify via the email that you registered with Freehostia earlier.

12. Check the inbox of Mail Manager applications such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho, and so on which you registered with Freehostia. The contents of the inbox from Freehostia are in the form of a site link for verification.

You have completed the steps to register a new account and get free WordPress Hosting from Freehostia.

B. Entering the Name Server into DNS Management for each registered Domain Provider

In this section you learn how to enter the Name Server from Freehostia into DNS Management for each domain provider where you registered the domain.

List of Name Servers from Freehostia :

1. Enter the two name servers above into the DNS Management Settings in the Nameservers section of each domain provider.

2. After that, you can refresh or visit the site that you have registered with Freehostia. If the name of the site cannot be accessed, you can restart the modem or smartphone first and refresh to the same site name.

The author only provides a tutorial on how to enter a list of name servers from Freehostia to DNS Management on domain providers in general.

You have completed the integration of the site name between Freehostia and the Domain Provider by entering the name server list so that the site name can be accessed.

C. Get Username and Password on WordPress Admin (WP-Admin)

In this section you learn how to get a username and password for WordPress Admin (WP Admin).

1. Enter the Freehostia Control Panel.

2. Click Menu >>> Installers >>> Installed Applications.

3. Click the three dots on the right on the list of site names registered with Freehostia.

4. Click the Details icon.

5. Here are the results for displaying information data about WordPress Hosting. In addition, you also get an Admin username along with an Admin password to access the WordPress Admin.

6. Visit the WordPress Admin site, namely http://[namadomain]/wp-admin.

7. Enter the username and password that you got from Freehostia earlier, click Log In.

8. Here is the final result.

Safe! You have completed this whole tutorial step by step and your site name is fully accessible. REMEMBER! Free hosting is only for study, not commercial (business).


You can learn to use WordPress online for free through Freehostia which provides several benefits, namely 250 MB Storage and 10 MB MySQL Database.

If you are really serious about developing a WordPress website that you have obtained for free from Freehostia, you can upgrade your hosting to a paid one at Freehostia or migrate your hosting to another hosting provider through manual backups.


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