How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends Events

How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends Events – get 2 epic skins at the event – in this article we want to give a tutorial to all of you, namely How to get 2 epic skins in the latest mobile Legends event, the latest mobile Legends event is one of the events from mobile Legends that is taking place this month. it means King of Fighter.

Some things that Mobile Legends can do are by using Lucky Draw to get the skin they want. This skin is also a limited and unusual skin and you usually get expensive skins.

This skin is usually obtained through Lucky draw. one of the waters that you can get the skin is like Karina Aurora gosion guinevere and etc. It turns out that to get that skin we need a little capital so we can get the skin we want. but as usual here we will use a Gacha theory that we use to get an Epic skin.

Usually, if you use Lucky draw, you must be careless. However, there is actually a special trick that you can use to get Epic skins through the latest events on Mobile Legends. To get the best skin you have to use a certain method by clicking Lucky draw, namely with several conditions such as one time up to 8 times. to get an Epic skin guarantee, you can follow the tutorial below

How to get an epic skin in the latest Mobile Legends event

*Update April 2022

just click the link and have a chance to get venom grock / hanabi skin, lunox basic, and brody basic

the method

1. Look for posts that share links like this “ a gift from the VENOM Squad.

Open now for a chance to get FREE Skins!”

2. Click the link, go to your ml account

How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends Events

3. If the text in the top left box is not 5/5, it means that entry can be claimed, if it’s 5/5 it’s full, aka the invite link is useless looking for a new link

4. So if you can still claim it, a popup will appear for the prizes you got, you can get skins, boxes, fragments, medals, magic dust

5. Repeat looking for the link until you get the skin you want or a maximum of 50x claim

most of them get the basic lunox skin with brody, haven’t found the epic one, only if your hockey is high on gas, it’s enough to just click on the link to get the skin.

————— old

don’t forget to login + preorder, yes, it’s good to get 1 stamp.

Step 1: Topup 350DM (later when the quest is out)

Step 2: Gacha 1x, because the discount is 1x a day so it’s only 112DM

Step 3: Gacha 1 more time which is 225DM (automatically clear all quests and get a total of 17x Stamps / coupons, now please exchange stamps to coupons)

Step 4: only 8x gacha is left (in the 10th draw, you are guaranteed to get the latest Karina / if you already have it, you will get an epic skin)

Just finish the rest, 10x draw guaranteed to get epic skin

sorry if it’s a bit convoluted

How to Get Epic Skins at the KOF Mobile Legends Event


And for those of you who don’t know, the latest event will be back starting at 15.00 today.

even though there are no vpn bugs like last year wkwk

If you are lucky and have followed the tutorial above sequentially and also if you don’t go through 1-step, you will most likely get the latest Epic skin event for Mobile Legends. However, this is not one of the patented tricks, usually Mobile Legends will always update its events and there we can look for Gacha tricks that we can use to get skins from Mobile Legends that are epic or rare.

Why are you using this theory, you guys have already top up Diamond Mobile Legends, of course, if you don’t want to lose and get wasted, then by using the tutorial above, you met with the Epic skin you want.

even though the road can’t have the Roman we want to choose the skin for, at least we can get a pretty good Epic skin. That’s an article on how to get the latest Epic event skin on Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.


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