How to Get Free Cardano Network Crypto Coins

How to Get Free Cardano Network Crypto Coins – In the cryptocurrency world, Cardano is considered as one of the two candidates to weaken Ethereum’s future status. Another candidate is Polkadot, both of which are expected to be third-generation blockchains that are more complex and efficient than ever.

To buy crypto is easy, First, the registration process for crypto. In short, brokerage firms provide facilities and act as intermediaries for market participants to trade cryptocurrencies. The second stage, the initial deposit process (deposit). This requirement is met by almost all brokers. Finally, the process of purchasing Cardano on the platform or application provided by the crypto exchange company.

Cardano, which has the fifth largest market capitalization in the world, innovates so fast that its price continues to rise as market demand increases. Until this article was published, Cardano is still cheap in the range of $ 2 or 30,000 rupiah.

In the next few years, the price could be the same as Bitcoin. This is just the beginning, not to mention that this year will launch a smart contract that will embrace more developers and users.

Brokers play an important role in the success of an investor’s investment. Due to its vital role, market participants must identify the best, credible, reliable and trustworthy brokers. In Indonesia, there are already 13 crypto exchanges registered with CoFTRA. Unfortunately, Indonesian crypto brokers cannot compete with international brokers in terms of quality, such as precise execution and sophisticated platforms.

Interested in the ADA coin or not cardano?

How to Get Free Cardano Network Crypto Coins

This is mining guys.. it’s called Cardano Network

The mining method is:

1. Install the application in your playstore/appstore, search for: cardano network

How to Mine Cardano Network Crypto Coins Free

2. Please sign up with google email bro/agin who is always active

3. Please fill in your nickname, gender and country

4. When you have entered the application, please enter a referral

So that we can mutually boost each other

5. Please Add a bonus of 300 points.

The bonus can be claimed every 3 hours, so don’t miss it, okay?

6. After that, click the game below, please play and get the points…

7. If you have finished playing the game and while waiting for the game to return to collect points, please open “gems miner” to mine points and don’t forget to click “collect” if you think you have had enough mining.


If you mine red points with gems collect, the application must be on standby and don’t close it, if you want to turn off the screen, please don’t close the important thing.

8. If your red points are more than 1000 points, please try clicking on the cardano symbol and converting it into cardano coins by clicking “exchange”

9. Cardano can be withdrawn to your wallet if it reaches 130 cardano.

Soo.. lets mining cardano and enjoy the game !!


That’s How To Get Cardano Network Crypto Coins For Free

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