How to get dofollow DA 62 backlinks from livedoor blog

Welcome to IT People Blog. I haven’t written an article on this blog for a long time because for the past few months I have paid the author hehe.. talking about blogging tips, of course you already have a sufficient understanding of backlinks, that’s what I want to discuss about how to make dofollow backlinks from the DA 62 livedoor blog site. web 2.0 easily and quickly

Livedoor itself is one of the blogging platforms from the land of sakura, similar to blogger, tumblr, wordpress, etc

Just go straight to the tutorial then continue the discussion at the end, visit the following link >

Initially the main page will look like this, in Japanese but you don’t need to worry because by default some browsers provide an auto translate feature to a language you understand

livedoor main page

After the blog appears in the selected language, click the register menu to create an account for the first time, the only thing that needs to be prepared is an active email address, you can use gmail

livedoor translation page

In the registration form, enter the requested data, such as user id (write in all lowercase letters), password (contains letters and numbers), active email address (account activation link sent via email) then press the “Register user information” button

create livedoor account

This is the interesting part, before account creation.. the user has to fill in the captcha code in Japanese/hiragana..

My keyboard doesn’t support Japanese, that’s why I’ll give you tips to pass this capctha

pass Japanese captcha

Go to Japanese learning site for beginners >

You only need to observe what characters appear in the captcha questions then copy and paste the appropriate characters on the Japanese language learning site

copy paste hiragana
Copy-Paste Hiragana

I immediately succeeded on the second try, maybe because my first try was too long

livedoor account activation

Activate the account by opening the links sent via email, check the inbox or spam box then click the link to activate the account

check the livedoor activation link

Your livedoor account has been successfully registered, now is the time to write… click the “Write Blog” menu

write on livedoor

You don’t have a blog yet, please choose your blog’s domain name.

create a livedoor blog

There are several choices of subdomain extensions to choose from, starting from,,, and so on.

free subdomain jp

After the blog has been successfully created, please write the first article … like blogging normally, you just need to insert backlinks in the article with a dofollow value

insert backlink

After writing the article, inserting the backlink, adding the image, labeling it and a host of other settings, publish the article as usual

post livedoor articles

In the blog settings there are several menus that you can use to improve page SEO such as HTTPS customization, domain switching, webmaster registration, custom article readers, blocking spam comments, installing ad code under the logo – article infeed – paragraph 3/6/9, activating autoshare latest posts to social media pocket-instagram-evernote etc

livedoor blog settings

You can add several social media accounts such as twitter, evernote, flickr or instagram

to automate sharing

autoshare livedoor

You can also integrate visitor data into the GoogleAnalytics API if you are already familiar with using visitor filtering tools

google analytics integration

Do the backlinks that we create on blog 2.0 have a high DA? like on a blogspot or wordpress subdomain, we get a fairly high DA score of 62

score da livedoor

Why can creating backlinks from new blogs help page SEO rankings? of course, a site like this web 2.0 will help you create dofollow backlinks easily, and livedoor has a pretty good indexing reputation

Can I post a copy of the article? of course, although it is not recommended, if you treat this blog like the main blog then you will get better results, the blogs that you create on the livedoor platform also get page visits and impressions

Why not create multiple subdomains on blogger or wordpress instead? yes, in pstore many services create 1000 blogspot for $ 5, why are you not happy to get backlinks from different domains instead of getting many links from one domain? SEO page rank doesn’t just depend on backlinks, There are many other factors you should consider.

But Google doesn’t count backlinks created by the blog owner himself? you just pretend to be a stranger, change your IP address, use a different email

The rest you can do your own research, read forums that review SEO, apply it and then you will find out what works and what doesn’t. Remember SEO is not about what you do but how you do it.



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