How to Get Cheap KFC Wing of Feasting Glider

How to Get Cheap KFC Wing of Feasting Glider Code Redeem – In recent weeks, Genshin Impact players have been busy discussing the KFC Genshin Impact Wing Glider. The reason is, some time ago miHoYo promised to give KFC special wing gliders to its players. The emergence of this product is thanks to the collaboration of Genshin Impact and KFC in China.

In the future, players around the world can get this Wing Glider by participating in several activities provided by miHoYo. However, getting these special items is not free, and it is quite difficult for some gamers, especially Indonesian players.

How to Get Cheap KFC Wing of Feasting Glider

Recently, miHoYo announced that players who want to get the KFC Glider must do something to get it. For those who want to have this special Wing Glider, Dafunda Game summarizes how to get it.

How to Get Cheap KFC Wing of Feasting Glider

What needs to be prepared:

1. Twitch account. You can register first via or the application. Try to register by e-mail, not by phone number.

2. A web browser that can support the desktop site. (if using a cell phone)


1. I recommend making this purchase through the desktop web version and not through the application.

2. 20% discount for the first subscribe, so I recommend using a new account if the old account has already subscribed.

The steps:

1. Login to

2. After logging in, you can search for streamers who participated in this event. The list can be found at here:

You have to find a streamer who is live at that time. If the registered streamer is not live and you continue the steps below, you will not get the redeem code. Warning sign

So far the live 24/7 are TakaGG.

3. This is the display when the streamer is live. There is a sign near the bell that says subscribe, you can press it.

4. It will appear as in the second picture. Then you can press “gift a sub” to continue.

*Don’t check the gift anonymously section. You will not get the redeem code later.

5. You can change the custom quantity to 2. After that, you can press “$ 3.18” to continue.

6. The second image is the next view. You can press “see more methods”. Country of residence (picture 3) make Indonesia and proceed.

7. Then a payment method will appear that you can choose. After you choose, there is a checkout page (picture 2) and you can press “continue” to continue the payment.

8. If the payment is successful, a page like the one below will appear.

9. After success, you can check the redeem code in the notification box and the code is ready to use.

More notes:

1. From the steps above, it can be seen that I gave gift subs to 2 random people. The reason: It’s cheaper.

2. Besides gift subs to 2 random people, there are many options to get the redeem code, for example 1 sub for your account + 1 gift sub to 1 random person.

3. For more detailed information, you can send a chat in the “!kfc” chat stream section and a bot message will give you a link that you can check.

If you have any questions, you can just DM me psps, I’ll try to reply one by one, even though the response is slow.

Hopefully this article can help you all.

Time to get the code until December 8 23:59 GMT+8,


The redeem time is until December 15, 23:59 GMT+8.

A few ways to get a cheap KFC Wing of Feasting Glider


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