How to Get ARV Drugs Abroad

How to Get ARV Drugs Abroad Can ARV drugs be taken abroad – *Note: This is an experience in the UK. So guys, I used to dream of getting a master’s degree abroad, but once I was HIV positive, it was as if the dream had collapsed

However, when I found out that Mr. Scott Alfaz (his twitter is no longer active) is a senior PLHIV and might have a master’s degree in Europe, I was challenged to try again. However, thinking about access to ARV and managing it is quite clueless, so the ups and downs of intention to seriously S2

Finally came the year where I seriously took IELTS, tried to apply for university and also applied for scholarships. Got several options, but because of covid, he became more and more pessimistic, he also left. Alhamdulilah Praise God, this year the opportunity to go

How to Get ARV Drugs Abroad

After being accepted and allowed to go to England, I was worried. Will I be able to access ARV in the destination country? This overthinking makes you think you want to stop ARV for a year (don’t copy it)

Finally first, I try to check Thank God, England is a very friendly country PLHIV.

But still not sure if I can access ARV, right? Because no one I know has ever taken ARV in England

Asking the question can actually be 3

1. Send medicine (this is very risky)

2. Take it at the Indonesian Embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčthis is quite dangerous for open status

3. Pick up on the local NHS (this is what I follow)

Finally, try to check in the UK there are some very helpful websites

Kepo kepo finally tried to contact via email alter and make a phone call (I don’t really recommend this because roaming is expensive, time has to adjust BST, voice is not clear)

Finally emailed and replied to the NHS (this is health insurance coverage in the UK).

HIV testing. monitoring and treatment is free in the UK, including for students and non-residents.

Please bring your summary report and at least two months your meds.

The point is to be able to access abroad you need:

1. Med reports (CD4, VL, all tests from doctors, just bring all updates and history)

2. Medicine for 2-3 months, this is what the doctor asked for

3. Introduction from an Indonesian doctor (you don’t need it, it’s okay, it depends on your doctor in Indonesia)

After that I contacted the doctor and assistant who was very happy that I was going to school again. I printed the email earlier and I downloaded the medical passport template on google to give to your doctor so that a medical report is made and proof that it takes 2-3 months of spare medicals.

Besides that, I also update VL, CD4, hcv, liver kidney function etc.

The more complete the better for the report

Arriving in the UK with an introduction and med reports, I immediately registered an account:

Already registered and choose your domicile, make a call (in the UK fortunately all providers are free to call) then make an appointment. Get a beautiful date to visit the local hospital

At the hospital because we use a booking appointment, you just have to come according to the time to bring the documents and medicine. Because I’ve tested CD4 and VL, I didn’t get tested anymore, they just tested for HIV (yes obviously positive) for validation

After chatting and being interviewed by the health care provider and the general practitioner, they will fill out a form and some consents (this will make you want to be contacted to your domicile in the UK, does the campus or campus have an emergency contact if you are why) then they will be interviewed using ARV and check the med report.

Don’t worry, data consent is safe, guys! And I was offered to be taken at the GP near the boarding house. Because of the data and insecure I still took it at the hospital even though it was further than the GP.

After that, just take it according to the schedule we take the medicine. Easy isn’t it?

That’s all sharing from me who is ODHIV but can reach other people’s countries. Hopefully it will inspire those who want to continue their studies! Good luck!!


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