How to Get a UTBK Try Out Score of 900

How to Get a UTBK Try Out Score of 900 – Previously, I really thought it would be this fun and many of my friends asked for a spill on my learning method, tips per subtest, and at the same time to answer some of my friends’ questions about my trip.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in the science of good and right individual learning styles, I just want to share my way of learning.

How to Get a UTBK Try Out Score of 900

How to Get a UTBK Try Out Score of 900

The main point of this article:

-about me

-how i study

-tips per subtest by me

Hopefully it will be useful for UTBK 2022 fighter friends

️‼️‼️ABOUT ME‼️‼️‼️

I’m gap’21, last year the UTBK score was only at 642. Of course it didn’t break hehehe. August 2021 I decided to take a gap year while tutoring at Prosus Inten.

Sis, how’s gap year? Is it heavy? How’s the big family? Friends view?

Yes, hehe. Heavy? It’s true, I’ve even cried every day since the announcement of the SBMPTN, June 14, 2021 (I remember very well😭).

It took a very strong mentality and determination to decide I was a gapyear.

There is no pressure from the family, in fact they are supportive.

The thing that puts pressure on me is when I see my friends are already new students, it really brings me down.

But thanks, my friends, I didn’t give verbal judges, so my own thoughts made me down, hehe.

Sis gapyear, what are you doing?

I’m personally a full gap year with tutoring at Inten, I don’t attend webinars of all kinds, and the like. So it’s like school activities in general, the difference is in the location and clothes😁

What’s the schedule like?

Well, this is the fun part. I’m one of those people who can’t carry out activities without a schedule, because I’m definitely confused if there’s no schedule, it’s definitely not productive.

In the past, my schedule wasn’t tight, I still had time to watch, hang out, and hibernate😭😭

But for now, it’s more solid than before. At least study 5 subtests a day, for 9 subtests.

️‼️‼️HOW I STUDY‼️‼️‼️

Well, let’s move on to the way I learn


What is thattt? 120 minutes of study, 30 minutes of rest. Repeat continuously. I applied this system.

For those of you who can’t stand it for 2 hours, you can immediately focus, try the 25:5, 25 minutes of study, 5 minutes of rest, repeat.

It’s hard at first, but then it’ll become a habit


I’m using the target system. For example, today’s schedule must study stoichiometry. Well, it should be finished today as well. The time must also be targeted, for example 2 hours. So, the stoichiometry should be ready today within 2 hours.

Sis, how many hours do you study a day?

I usually don’t count the total study hours because I just enjoy it, the schedule is over, the target is finished, so I finished studying for the day.

Usually I come to Inten at 8 in the morning, come home at 12 or 1 at night. When I get home, I study for 1-2 hours at most.

Yep, that’s right. I sleep less than 6 hours a day, often don’t even sleep. So the count is 5 hours of sleep for 2 days of activity.

DO NOT COPY!! Sleep is a must, just because I’m a child who likes to stay up all night long and often studies too late until 6 am even though at 8 it’s intense, so I choose not to sleep than late coming intensely


Yup, that’s very true. Don’t because you see other people studying for 10 hours, you also want to end up forcing yourself that much and only stick to the time, not the quality you learn.

Even though if you stick to quality, just 2 hours will get a lot 😍


All things that interfere with your focus must be removed when you want to start studying. Such as notif, ig, tiktok, games, even crush🫢

Personally, I don’t have tiktok, instagram, games on my cellphone anymore. So even looking at the cellphone doesn’t taste like that.

At first deleting all my sources of distraction was really boring, but after a while I got used to it


Well, this reward is very important so that you get excited again, eat food, watch movies, play ig, make tiktok, and so on. The important thing is what you like after completing the target.

Sis, what is the effective schedule?

So, this is the most frequently asked question. THE SCHEDULE DOESN’T BE GREAT. Don’t get into a schedule, it’s a lot.

But sis, don’t I want to learn a lot??

Yea, I understand. But remember that earlier, the key is quality, not quantity.

Instead of targeting 200 chemistry questions, 100 bio questions, 300 TPS questions in a day but in reality you don’t understand everything.

It’s better if you target 200 chemistry questions, but you really understand everything

So just figuring it out, first try your limit for a day, you can really understand how many questions you have, if you can afford 2,000 questions a day, please go ahead, I really can’t

This is an example of my schedule for d-10, everything must actually be finished on that one day.


So, what are the recalls? This is a review, of course our brains will not be able to remember in the long term if you don’t read and understand again.

This also depends on each individual, because each person has a different memory memory. For me personally, every 5 days I review what I learned in those 5 days.

UTBK H-12, Sis, are you still chasing?

STILL AWESOME , you make a schedule, you stick to it, improve it every day, focus on yourself, you can do it!

Hayoo, when you were a defeated soldier before the war? Not really right!!🫢

What is your motivation and principle? How can you be strong enough to study for a long time and not get bored?

If you’re bored, you must have been, you’re bored too. But the motivation was that I remembered the study program and university I was going to, and the enthusiasm came back immediately.

Just remember that it’s not only me who wants study programs and universities, so I have to keep fighting, hehe.


yup, this is my principle, so I refuse all invitations to travel even my own family🙏🏻😭

Because I think that when I use healing, I can learn a lot.

It’s close now, the learning is good about direct discussion, what’s the material, sis??

Now, personally, for now, I’m directly playing on the questions and discussions, but still interspersed with reading the material for material that I don’t understand.

What are your learning resources?


-the king



-intense question


– blue, pink, white credits

-campbell volume 1,2,3

-petrucci volume 1,2,3



So because I’m a self-taught person, if you don’t understand it, you rarely ask friends, you’ll have to look for the theory first. If you’re stuck, just ask a friend or tutor.

I also often search in google about questions that might just come out in my opinion.

For example, the question is asking about the results of photosynthesis, so from that I learned everything about photosynthesis, from photosynthetic materials to the system to the results, because there are so many questions that might just be thrown out of that material.


This is really real, guys, there is a role from above.

Try your best and let God do the rest. Worship is getting louder, ask your parents to pray too because it is the most powerful 😭👍



Get used to reading literature with academic writing such as newspapers or scientific journals, so that you are familiar with correct writing patterns.

Personally, when I take a break or have free time, I can read it.

Must also practice reading quickly and accurately.

Read the question first and then the text, match it to the answers one by one.

Don’t look for what you’re not asked about, it’s a waste of time.


“Hadeh, this is a subtest, if you can lose it, just delete it, it’s really complicated “

Eitsss, don’t be like that!! PK is actually easy, if you want to learn it slowly.

If you’ve already planted a “difficult” mindset from the start, how can you do that?

I told you this is the priority chapter in pk that you really have to master🤩



-Graphic function


-Equation of straight line



That’s all, you’ve got 6 questions, it’s easy, right?

The material for practicing the PK questions is taken from the previous years, because the patterns are definitely not that much different


Eits, let’s go to the subtest that has a few calculations

Still the main key is to read the text quickly and precisely, it takes constant practice

Here are the priority chapters:

-Prepositional Logic


-Argument analysis

-Cause and effect

-Data interpretation

-Number pattern

-Basic arithmetic

If you have mastered everything, just study a little more about the other chapters

The point is that TPS is just a lot of practice, you are strong in the material but you don’t practice the questions, so later on, the problem is revised a little, you are immediately confused because you can’t get a picture of that question, you understand the concept


Wow, this is also a subtest that the fighters for 2022 want to eliminate, instead they separate themselves and stand alone for the subtest 😭😭


Wasting time, only 15 minutes for 15 questions.

Unlike the previous pbm-ppu, in English the order is to read the questions, read the options, see if the options are in the text or not.

For grammar, it’s rarely asked, I can only master 16 sentences, but I can get pretty good with the basic forms.

For vocabulary, I increase it from watching movies using English subtitles and reading news from BBC News. So, as soon as there is a vocab that you don’t understand, immediately open the dictionary and add to your vocab knowledge🤩


You have to master the priority chapters first, because some of them will affect the PK.




-Many tribes


-Compound Flowers



Understand the concepts – questions – discussion, repeat until the formulas are memorized by themselves, but there are formulas that are really a lot, you have to give time to memorize them like trigonometry there are 37 formulas🤩


If the physics subtest, you have to really understand the theoretical concept, the concept of the formula, if you don’t understand, you won’t be able to do it.

Priority Chapter:

-Mechanics (MANDATORY MANDATORY REALLY MANDATORY, because from here you can get 5 questions)

-Electricity and magnets

-Vibrations, waves and sounds

-Substances and heat

If you really master all that, you can touch 600 physics lol 😍


There are so many people who have difficulty in chemistry, I will tell you. The thing you really have to learn in chemistry is the “heart”, stoichiometry.

From there, you can get 3-4 questions on UTB

So from there, we proceed to the Periodic System of the Elements. By studying those 2 chapters, other chapters will be easier to reach because they are definitely related😆

After those 2 chapters, study these priority chapters:



-Redox and electrochemistry


-Reaction rate


The point is biology is a lot of reading. In Soshum, biology is the same as history. You really have to read it often, so that you can memorize it yourself.

Priority chapter:

-Seed kormophyte


-Genetics and evolution

-Cell biology and monera


That’s an article from me. The point is to believe in yourself and keep going!!


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