How to Get a Free Star Crystal Beer

How to Get a Free Star Crystal Beer – Disclaimer: Only for those aged 21 and over. Responding to beer connoisseurs’ desire for a more diverse taste, PT. Bintang Indonesia officially launched Bintang Crystal. Bintang Crystal is the first cold beer product specially formulated for those who want to enjoy authentic and refreshing beer in cold times without too much bitterness.

As a producer, Bintang Indonesia has 90 years of experience, PT. Bintang Indonesia has innovated new packaging through cold brewing technology, namely brewing beer at cold temperatures to produce a soft and refreshing taste.

Its newest product is “Star Crystal”. “Star Crystal” satisfies the beer connoisseur’s desire for a wider variety of flavors. This beer has a mild cold brew taste and is specially formulated for fans who want to taste an authentic and refreshing beer without too much bitterness.

How to Get a Free Star Crystal Beer

1. Enough with the contents of the bio on the site here,
Complete the form below to get FREE Crystal Stars!

Personal Information

Full name (according to ID card)


Mobile phone number

Upload ID card

*Note: About uploading ID cards please censored all data private except Name and date of birth.

Shipping address

Select Province

Select Regency/City

Select District

Choose a Village

Postal code

2. More or less the upload example will be as above, I will censor the data because it’s just an example..

3. If successful, at least h + 1 later there will be an incoming email that contains the contents like this, this email contains no. Your receipt for delivery of your Bintang beer (ninja express), will be sent to the address according to the information you provided on the previous site.

“Congratulations, we have successfully selected you to participate in the Your Crystal Chill Time sponsorship program. We will send a special package to the address you registered.

4. The ninja courier will wa km to the registered number, to ensure that the goods are sent to the right address.

1 ktp for 1 cellphone number and 1 email. So if you want to register with multiple ID cards, just prepare a lot of cellphone numbers and emails. You can register multiple ID cards even if your home address is the same. If you register using 5ktp, you will get 5 packages

The most important info, this product is non-halal, because it contains 4.7% alcohol. Drink responsibly jwb.

In addition, other important information, the receipt number sent via email sometimes does not match the package receipt number sent to the customer (because most of them have registered…)

So don’t be afraid when you check your receipt number in your email, but the item has been received by someone else.

1 package gets 2 cans of Bintang beer,, Good luck trying…

That’s How To Get Free Bintang Crystal Beer


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