How to get a $5 paypal balance bonus for free

Welcome to IT People Blog. Previously I was an adsense account breeder with several gmail’s which I also registered with a paypal account about 1 year ago, at that time to create a paypal account, just verify the code in the form of numbers obtained via email address, if now I try to create a new paypal account I have to add an active cellphone number .

Long story short, I set some dummy emails to automatically forward incoming messages to the main / main email, so it’s easier for me to check which dummy email accounts have successfully approved adsense hehe

Paypal is an online account with a payment address in the form of a registered email, for example ‘[email protected]’ (if you want to send the balance to me, just come here), usually used by freelancers to accommodate online income earned from overseas sites, besides that it also supports balance withdrawals through local banks (mandiri, Jatim, BRI, BSI etc.)

Long story short, starting in mid-2021 until now, every month paypal provides a reward in the form of a balance of $ 5 or $ 10 for free and random to 40,000 paypal account users around the world. Usually this offer is sent via email (promotion tab / login tab) accompanied by a link button to claim the prize which automatically arrives in less than 3 hours (very fast, njirr)

In less than 3 hours, a balance of $ 5 is automatically credited to your paypal account and can be used to make any transaction that supports payment methods via paypal

So, lucky paypal account users will get a gift in the form of a free balance of $ 5 or $ 10 randomly with a quota of 40,000 which is drawn every month, there are no special requirements such as paypal account age, paypal account status (verify / unverify) for example

In January 2022, I idly checked my email inbox in the promotion tab, there was a message from paypal that was automatically forwarded from my dummy emails in the past, basically I got another $5 reward for the period of January 2022 and can be claimed until the deadline of January 31 2022

$5 paypal free

As an illustration, the condition of my paypal account is still new and 0 transactions / no transactions at all, have not verified the cellphone number so once logged in there is a request to add a cellphone number but Alhamdulillah it can be skipped, not linked to any account or credit card, the account status is still unverified, even though I don’t get a $5 gift every month, but in the last few months I also got a similar gift, meaning it’s not limited to 1 account, only 1x gift $5

How to claim it, just claim it, login to your paypal account there is a slider banner that says $ 5 gift … click the claim button and wait for a maximum of 3 hours

Terms of getting a free balance of $ 5 from paypal

I have read several articles on the internet with the title “How To Get PayPal Balance $5 For Free (2022)”, “How To Get PayPal Balance $5 For Free And Easy” and the like

They wrote some terms that didn’t apply to me and of course were not explained further by paypal such as;

– The paypal account has verified email and cellphone number (1 year ago for a paypal account, just email verification, now when I want livestock, I’m asked to verify my cellphone number, hehe)

– Already added a bank account or account number (nonsense, my 5 lucky dummy email accounts are really fresh, no transactions and haven’t linked to any account numbers, in fact got a free $5 balance bonus from paypal)

– Over 18 years of age (of course, to verify identity if at any time the account is frozen sometimes users are asked to upload their identity but I don’t think that is the requirement)

– The $5 bonus must be claimed before the offer expires (eg on January 19, 2022 I received an email offering a bonus balance of $5 and it must be claimed before January 31, 2022, if it passes that date my bonus will automatically be forfeited)

Here’s how to check whether you get a $5 balance bonus from paypal or not

As I said, this is not a 1x lifetime gift, meaning that paypal has consistently given gifts of $ 5 and $ 10 every month to 40,000 lucky paypal account users around the world and does not demand the possibility of you getting it again in the future

The way to find out if you get a $ 5 reward from paypal or not can be through several ways;

1. Check incoming email

Go to email > inbox > on promotions tab > find message from paypal with subject “Claim your $5 reward today” or “You still have your $5 offer”

paypal $5 balance bonus

Please open it by clicking ‘Claim your US$5’ and logging into your paypal account

There should be a banner that says “You’ve US$5 to claim!” just click the banner

$5 paypal for free

Next you are redirected to the request page, this process takes a maximum of 72 hours until a credit balance of $ 5 enters your paypal account but personal experience proves that the balance will enter in less than 3 hours, good luck ..

claim paypal balance for free

2. Via paypal account

Access the paypal site and find offer banners like this one

free balance $ 5 from paypal

Please claim as above.

If you don’t see the email gift in your inbox and don’t see a banner to claim a free gift of $ 5 balance from paypal on your account dashboard but still hope, try accessing the following link

If the result is “This offer has expired or is no longer available” it means you are not lucky and hopefully next month you can be as lucky as I was with 40,000 other accounts

What is this $5 balance from paypal for?

get free paypal balance

You can use this balance to make transactions at merchants that support payment methods via paypal around the world, if you convert it to a balance of $ 5 equivalent to Rp. 72,000, – not bad right?

This $ 5 balance has no time limit for use, can be stored in a paypal account for long-term savings considering the dollar exchange rate every year must increase

Can it be withdrawn to a local bank?

Minimum withdrawal paypal balance to a local bank is $ 10 with a fee of IDR 16,000 or no fee for withdrawals above $ 100

Read also: Withdraw paypal balance to local bank

So, if you want to withdraw the balance to a local bank, how to do freelance work or play any application that is proven to make money and supports the paypal payment method.

From some lucky paypal accounts, I send all the bonus balances to the main account with the friend payment option so there are no fee cuts

Please if you want to sell the paypal account balance to me, hmm I appreciate it at a rate of $ 1 = Rp. 12,000, good enough for saving to a virtual account … supports payment options for local banks or any digital wallet, please contact via WA to 089-85651761

** No fast response during working hours Monday-Friday, 07.00 – 15.00 WIB because I am at work, outside these hours fast response

Choose payment to friends so I get the full balance of $ 5 without admin discount

send paypal payment

What is the procedure? contact me via WA > send paypal balance > balance in automatically I will pay immediately (it only takes a few minutes).. it doesn’t support accounts because it’s a small transaction, anyways I also don’t want to give selfie photos while holding my ID card… the only one with my selfie photo is BKD That’s all, God willing, because this blog has been around since 2016 and is still active

The rest, I just want some information.. Maybe someone sees this kind of promotion in their inbox and thinks it’s “spam”.. It’s a waste of time or regrets why it used to be left even though it was good enough to buy a domain, etc.

Is this $5 gift also given to new account users? it seems yes because coincidentally one of my accounts is less than 1 year old

Can you get it again after getting a $5 gift? yup, I got this offer email several times for the same paypal account

So, what are the tips to get free $5 and $10 paypal balance? no, good luck

Thus the article on how to claim a free balance of $ 5 from paypal, hopefully what I say can be useful … maybe there is some information that is not correct, please help correct it … because maybe 1-2 months in the future there will be a policy update from paypal

by helmykediricom


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