How to get 80 Box Legend 8 Ball Pool

How to get 80 Box Legend 8 Ball Pool – Hello friends, we meet again on the revesery blog, how are you, I hope you are all healthy, friends, in this discussion, revesery wants to share a little information, of course, this is related to the 8 Ball Pool game.

For gamers, of course, they are familiar with this game, actually this game already exists in the real world, but this game was made as an online game. This online game is 8 Ball Pool or billiards as we often say, so those who like or enjoy playing this game will definitely be happy because your favorite game is on your gadget.

In addition, the game can be played with opponents from various countries, as well as with your good friends, which is an attraction for gamers to play these online games.

The information I will give is how easy it is to get 80 Box Legend 8 Ball Pool, 8 ball pool gamers must already know what box legend is.

The cue or cue legend is the most popular and best cue in the 8 ball pool game. There is no complete or complete box legend. How to get box legend is actually not easy.

ok let’s go straight to the beginning how to get a legend stick easily, to get a legend stick you must have a legend box, how to get a legend box you have to buy it with dollars or cash, if there is no cash you will not be able to get it. But if you don’t want to bother chasing the legendary Cue, there’s another way

How to get 80 Box Legend 8 Ball Pool

DWYOR, guys, because it’s an injection. Prioritize using a backup account, don’t use a personal account

How to get 80 Box Legend 8 Ball Pool

– Download file 80 box legend Here

– Download hex editor & parallel space in play store

– Clone 8 ball pool & virtual backup (It’s in zip file)

– Login 8 ball pool in parallel space, play 1 time first

Write down your id

– Close 8 ball pool via task manager

– Open virtual backup in parallel space

– Backup 8 ball pool, wait for it to finish (There is writing end 0 when it’s done)

– Copy files entitlements.plist to a folder in ss 1

– Edit the entitlements.plist file that you copied earlier

– Search 0000000001 ( its 0 9x) continue to replace all with your id and save

– Open virtual backup in parallel space, restore. Wait until it’s finished (There is an end 0 when it’s finished)

– Login 8 ball pool in parallel space

– Done. If you haven’t logged in yet, just log in

Top guidelines

This 8 Ball Pool game is currently very popular among young people because this game is designed to attract the attention of people who play it and you can easily play this game. Not only that, this 8 Ball Pool game has the advantage of a very cool graphics system that makes it easier for gamers to play it. In addition, if you see the opposing player using a very cool and good box.


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