How to Get 6 Months Free Premium VPN

How to Get 6 Months Free Premium VPN – Hello guys, in this article we want to give all of you a tutorial, namely how to get a free VPN from seed4. VPN is one of the tools used to replace our original IP.

by using this VPN then we can use another IP to be used as browsing access. A VPN is very useful for opening websites that are blocked by the government or a VPN can protect you from real data.

By using a VPN, you will be safer in Surfing the Internet. to get this VPN you have two methods one of which is free and one is paid.

Some of the free VPNs sometimes have drawbacks, including having country or country limits that can be used so that only certain countries can be used on the VPN.

Then your weakness again is that which is not safe. Some VPNs are free because they have less secure protocols than premium VPNs. But here you can enjoy a premium VPN by using the method below. here you can get a free VPN for 6 months without having to enter a credit card or data payment.

Here are some advantages that we can rely on. one of them is a bigger limit in using this VPN. In addition, sometimes we also don’t like to break up in the middle of the road when we use it. Immediately following the tutorial:

How to Get 6 Months Free Premium VPN

*Feb 2022 update:

Method 1: Keepsolid VPN

Those who are looking for a gas vpn are here. Free account for 6 months, there are also many choices of servers.

Step by step :

How to Get 6 Months Free Premium VPN

1. First register an account here

2. Keep logging in here

3. Fill in the data” then fill in the redeem code


4. Success, continue to download the application on the playstore “Keepsolid VPN Unlimited

5. Login using the account you created earlier, OK.

Method 2: Seed4me

For those of you who want a Premium VPN but no money or no CC? Gas it up

1. Open the link

2. Register, fill in your data

3. Don’t forget to fill in the Coupon Code:


Number 3 is MANDATORY, didn’t fill it out, didn’t get it

If you have registered, you will be asked to select a subscription, skip it, you don’t have to fill in the CC, you can just verify the email.

DONE! VPN 183 days (6 Months)

To get this VPN, it’s very easy, you just enter the voucher code and register with the existing email. Some methods can sometimes turn itself off when the voucher code runs out.

So if this voucher code has run out and you can’t get a premium VPN, then just wait for the article update from this VPN. That’s an article about how to get 6 months VIP for free from seed4. Hopefully with this tutorial this time it can be useful for all of you


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