How to Frame Photos With Canva

How to Make a Photo Out of the Frame With Canva – How to make an image out of the frame – Bismillah, I hope it’s not complicated and understandable, because this is the first time I’ve made a tutorial article.

Why use Canva? Because Canva offers a variety of templates or designs that you can edit as needed. So no special skills are needed for beginners.

You can use the app directly or from the website using your computer or laptop, or you can download the Canva app on your Android or iOS phone.

For how to edit photos / images out of the frame, you can use Photoshop. But using Photoshop can take a long time to edit. The quick solution is that we can use the Canva application on our smartphones. Because in the Canva app we can easily create framed photos.

make a photo / Picture Out Photo Frame is a technique in which the image of an object appears outside the frame (picture frame). For example, a photo of a person stands out and extends beyond the smartphone frame.

Here I will tell you my own way, yes, the method I use to edit the pic. If anyone knows a simpler and more effective way, please let me know

Plus, in addition, this photo came out, especially when they were in the cold war, dude, the newwiee really got out of frame during the photo shoot, even though the offgun was celebrating at the location, but they just didn’t join in

I’m not willing to make revisions that are already good, wow. btw, this is only made on Canva, if you want to ask for a tutorial, you can.

So here I use the Canva app & ibisPaint X. Everything I use is free

You are free to choose whether to use method A or B

How to Make Photos Out of Frames Using Canva

Way A

1. select frames

2. Insert the photo into the frame and lock it

3. Enter the photo that has been removed

4. lower the transparency to make it easier to adjust to the photos in the frame

5. return the transparency to 100%

6. Crop the photo that comes out of the frame

7. and so

How to Make Images Out of Frames With Canva

way B

IbisPaint X or


1. [buka canva] search element “frames“Continue to choose the oval or the desired shape,

then position it according to the desired position

2. Change the color of the frame

3. save, then move to [ibisPaint X]

4. insert the photo, then delete it bg

how to remove bg in ibispaint

5. click “selection layer

6. Draw the part you want to delete

7. Click the photo layer that you want to delete, then delete it

8. click “selection layer” again, then click the checkbox (marked with emoji)

or if you don’t want to be complicated, you can use it

9. then click the one I marked in the first pic to adjust the position of the photo

10. Lower the transparency

11. delete photos according to the shape of the frame

12. Return the transparency to 100%

13. do the same for another photo

14. done

What is needed here is patience and thoroughness, mine turns out that if you look closely, it’s actually not very neat

Actually you can if you only want to use the Canva application, but I don’t know how to use 2 photos. I’ll give you a tutorial that only uses 1 photo, okay?

I hope the article can answer and help you. Sorry if it’s confusing or something is difficult to understand, if someone is still confused, you can really ask

That’s How To Make Images Out Of The Frame With Canva


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