How to Find Tips for Writing Essay Paper Contest

How to Find Ideas for Writing Essay Paper Contests and Sample essays for winning national competitions pdf – Okay, so here I will give you some tips, for this time I will explain about the Paper Competition or Essay Competition!

At the end of the ARTICLE I will explain with case examples!

So the Paper Competition is a competition where later you will do research which later you will make a report, so generally Paper has sections like the following:

1. Introduction (Background, Problem Formulation, Research Objectives, Research Benefits)

2. Literature Review (containing related literature reviews that you have compiled!)

3. Research Methods (containing related research flowcharts and existing parameters)

4. Results and Discussion (containing an explanation regarding the results of your research/study!)

5. Closing (in the form of conclusions and suggestions!)

Then end with a bibliography and appendices (if any)

So what’s next for the Essay? Now, this essay is simpler, guys, so usually for an essay, it’s quite an introduction, content/discussion, and closing. so the literature review was not included! Basically, it’s like Paper mode lite!

Now to be clear, usually each competition will have a guidebook, guys, now there will be details on what to prepare and the format, so you have to obey it!

[Tahapan Lomba Paper Competition]

This is a bit different, guys, but in general the stages for the paper competition are as follows;

1. Abstract Selection

2. Full Paper Selection

3. Presentation

Abstract Selection

So what is abstract?

Abstract is a brief explanation of the contents of an article or writing. Usually this abstract is found at the beginning of the section of an article before the discussion chapter which will explain briefly to the reader. (Wikipedia)

In essence, the abstract is a kind of summary/general description of what we will make later, guys! So it really has to be short and complete huh!

So it’s actually a bit tricky when it comes to abstract business because sometimes it’s better if the abstract is already given the final result

Just an example

at the end of your abstract write

“With the existing parameters and analysis results, the net present value for this innovation is $49 million USD…”…”

So, if we haven’t worked on it, can we get that result?

The answer is NO!

Now, but to cover this, you can convince the reader that this innovation is worth it, for example an explanation that doesn’t need to involve data.

“With the existing parameters and analysis results, it is predicted for this innovation to have a large NPV.

and also has a fast payback period, due to the assumptions that we have made and in the literature review that we have reviewed, it can be seen that this innovation is feasible to apply.”

Yup! Reading literature/journals is the key, hmm, so what? Idea huh? ettt don’t go directly to the journal first if you’re looking for ideas bro, try to find the latest news or future programs then try to look for opportunities there

So what’s the output? —> IDEA guys!

“Bro, I’m having a hard time finding ideas, please give me some tips!”

Okay, I’ll try to give you tips based on my experience and field, namely Engineering.

[How To Find Ideas!]

At first, I was also confused, bro, and sometimes, students really rely on the Advisor to come up with ideas! Isn’t that right?

So finally, after thinking that, I was desperate to find a supervisor to ask for ideas, hmmm, but isn’t it polite to come and ask for ideas?

In the end, I thought, let’s just look for silly ideas, the lecturers will also be given brilliant ideas, which we should bring something to open the conversation.

Until one day, I’m with the team! Oh yes, the paper/essay competition is generally a team, guys!

Incidentally, my supervisor happens to be a really great person, he is Mr. Ahmad Agus Setiawan, a lecturer in Nuclear Engineering and Physics Engineering UGM

Check out his profile on LinkedIn, it’s really cool!

It’s a bit of fun guys! Wow, it’s easy to get ideas hahaha.

At first it was like that, but after meeting with him and consulting, we initially asked for opinions and input regarding the ideas we were going to compile but he answered.

“Go ahead, Mas.”

Somewhat surprised at the time, and he added

“I don’t want to put limits for you here to come up with an idea, it is your creativity and this is an opportunity for you as a student, because as long as you are a student, you can make mistakes”

What he meant was, our idea is our idea and just go for it, if our idea is weird or something, just gas!

But as engineering students, of course we are trained to analyze a project realistically, so the boundary is still there, right!

Then he gave input related to technical matters during competitions such as presentations, etc., without mentioning our ideas.

Well not as expected but this is actually interesting! Because we are required to think creatively guys!

Let’s talk about it

[Penyusunan Full Paper]

So during the experience of participating in competitions, I have a kind of route to find ideas, guys! Let’s discuss.

1. Very influential team!

let’s say you are a student, automatically what you learn is according to your major. as well as high school, there are science and social studies

1 Team generally contains 2-3 people.

More insights -> More ideas

So, collaborating with cross departments is very interesting to try!

This section also includes identifying related to your field of study,

This field of study will take you to a smaller scope of research field -> you are more interested in that field

So choose a field that you like to study!

After that a list of topics / rough ideas that you want to compile, write down everything that comes to mind!

Where do the ideas or ideas usually come from?

1. Recent issues

2. Self-interest/anxiety

3. Research from Conference

4. The results of discussions with practitioners, lecturers, colleagues


Then in selecting ideas make sure you have a “screening” for ideas that come to mind.

1. Are you really interested in studying the idea?

2. Does your idea really have an impact on a real problem?

3. Is the idea workable?


This is a case study, guys, based on experience.

Incidentally, my team and I are interested in Geothermal, guys, now because of that interest, my team and I are moved to try to do research.

After doing a literature review by looking for info from news and journals, we found that the hot steam in the Ulumbu PLTP after being passed by the turbine was thrown away, guys, even though the condition is still very good to be used!

Finally, we try to do this study!

Because this is an industrial scale and its relationship with Thermodynamics, we mean that we analyze it from a thermodynamic point of view! And because this industry will sell products, we will analyze the economy too!

So the first is to devise a methodology!

For my research, the methodology is like this guys!

So where do the parameters come from? Well this is a journal function! In addition to detailing ideas, journals also provide data that we can use

This is the data from the PLTP, guys!

From there the “wet stream” is still quite hot and the discharge is still very high! 97.85 degree centigrade and 62ton/hour!

Then why don’t we just take advantage of this heat?

Well, this is where the role of the field that we learn, gang! So you have to understand about the concentration of each!

Finally, we try to arrange by utilizing this hot exhaust steam with a prime mover that is suitable for the feed conditions

Finally, we compiled with the help of journals, our innovation is to utilize the steam with a cycle like this

Yey the outline has been formed, next is the analysis!

This analysis depends on the topic we are compiling, for example, if the idea is indeed on a laboratory scale, we will test it in the lab, if it is an industrial scale, we can do it by simulation or

mathematical calculations, or maybe for topics that are social and humanities, you can also do surveys, etc., just do the right method with your ideas because you understand better what you are compiling!

For this case, what I did was simulate the feasibility with the engineering equation solver software by entering the parameters and thermodynamics that had been studied in class, I got various data results guys!

After that, see whether the study was really thermodynamically feasible? the answer is YES!

Answering the above, can it be applied? the answer is yes! because this energy will later become additional electrical energy and this is renewable energy guys!

So it’s really worth and relates to the current problem.

Then the next parameter is the economy!

After analyzing, the results are worth it too!

In summary, I’ll give you the conclusion!

What are the results for this idea, bro? Thank God we were able to win the Champion title, guys!

What was the jury’s impression of this idea?

1. The discussion is very comprehensive and involves aspects that occur in the field

That is, the more realistic the jury is, the happier you are!

2. These ideas are quite interesting and indeed absorb the existing potential

That is, by taking advantage of the abundant potential, it will strengthen our ideas

3. These ideas are very good and fit the theme

Now, every competition has a gang theme, so don’t forget to follow the one with the right theme!

4. Maybe a pilot project 😀

Because it’s realistic, the jury was immediately attracted to the gang for the pilot project 😀

The ability to write papers requires experience, guys, so don’t be afraid to try and don’t be afraid if the ideas or writing that are compiled are bad, etc.! It’s better to start than to stand still.

What’s an abstract example? Here guys, I love it

From there you can see that the abstract is almost like a very concise summary of the background, methods, parameters, and then the output guys!

And remember like what my lecturer said, don’t be afraid to be wrong!

For those who want to see my paper, comment on your email! Later I will send sample paper 1 and essay 1 that have won.

Let’s go!

Then the next step after Paper Collection is, the presentation stage here

Well, this presentation has its own tips, guys! And compiling a PPT is an art!

But it looks like it should be discussed in a different ARTICLE, do you agree or not for this discussion, vote guys!

Well, in short, that’s it, guys. If you have any questions, just comment here, so I’ll try to answer them later! So that it becomes a focused discussion place. Good luck!

Some Ways to Find Tips for Writing Essay Paper Contest


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