How to find out the original author of Twitter base

How to find out the original author of Twitter base – How to know the original author in base au who only looks like anon. Open req dm so we can dm with sender base, want to chat. Who do you want to chat with, also who do you want to talk to, most of the authors here are au

for authors who update au, debut au, post prompt on base, mini au, long au, or tag multiple accounts of any kind

Why brought to base RL? There’s already a CW, nder, and the one who says the idol is Minnor, you can tell and reprimand the author instead of adding it to the base. You embarrass the author, if you are uncomfortable mute/block and just keep it

I honestly don’t feel like I deserve to be called an au author because I write to have fun, to unwind, even lately I’m starting to rarely promote au at the base, I’m starting to rarely update too wkwkwk, because I’m really busy in RL. I agree, if it’s au yes au, real-life is real-life

I’m sorry if my writing activities bother you, feel free to unfollow, for the future I don’t know whether to continue writing or not, I can’t promise to stop because there are 2 AUs that I already wrote and can’t leave.

I just done with this world. Who knows? But I’m allowed, yes, to continue the 2 au? I’m really sorry if it’s inconvenient, but I beg you to differentiate between the fictional world and the real world, don’t overdo it either.

Because at the base sometimes someone sends you as anon and you don’t know what’s in the booth, so I want to give you some tips on how we can find out who the original author is.

How to find out the original author of Twitter base

1. Copy the tweet that you want to find who the original author is

How to find out the original author of Twitter base

how to copy the tweet, hold it for a long time

2. The tweet that was copied earlier, copy it to gdm, then take the link part. The caption has been removed, leave the link. Then send the link to gdm (group dm) / to dm .

3. Press the link that was copied in gdm, the op will appear and you’ll see who the author is

Okay, that’s all from me, I hope it helps you to find the original author on anon bases. Thank you so much bro

Note: this doesn’t apply to premium senders at base

because the sender sends the pic directly to the base without having to post it on his own account

Question and answer session:

1, how come I can’t huhu 🙁

Ans: what came out? the same as the base? If so, that’s a sign that the sender sent the picture directly to the base, usually the premium sender

2. What is gdm?

Ans: gdm is a group dm, meaning you can copy it to your own group or to a friend’s group, it’s free, you can detect it if you dm it. Can you send a dm to your own username too?

3. I always use this method to make it more likable when I ask for a tag, for example a busy prompt

Ans: yes, it’s true, so it’s manual myself, but sometimes not everything works, there are also those whose ops are in empty accounts or when they want to look for the base, it’s also because the sender sent the pic directly to the base

A few ways to find out the original author of the Twitter base


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