How to find out if your cellphone is bugged with a code

IT People Blog – Ever seen call history on your cellphone and don’t remember when to do it? Be careful, lest your cellphone is being tapped! If this really happens, all personal data in HP is in danger! So, how do we find out and deal with our cellphones being tapped?

In this article, we will discuss in full the characteristics of a cellphone being tapped with a code, as well as how to overcome it, so stay tuned until the end

How to find out your cellphone is bugged with a code

Some time ago, it was viral how to find out if a cellphone was tapped just by typing the code *#21# or #21#. Even though when we type, this code only brings up the following notification;

find out the cellphone is bugged

*#21# is just a code to check whether our calls, SMS, and other SIM activities are in the mailbox status, not to check for mobile phone eavesdropping.

There is also the use of the code *#002# or #002# to turn off/cancel all diverting calls. Usually hackers change the call settings on your cellphone and then redirect to the number, so when they ask for verification of the OTP code via voice call (not text message) it is safer to do

Maybe you have verified the code by calling, usually there is a beautiful female voice who immediately mentions the code, for example seven-nine-one-five-two

turn off all call forwarding

In addition, today’s wiretapping applications are much more sophisticated and increasingly difficult for us to detect. Instead of using *#21# and *#002# codes, there are more logical ways to check HP security, here’s a review;

1. Check Daily Battery Usage

The first way to find out if your cellphone is bugged is to check daily battery usage. One of the characteristics of a bugged cellphone is that the battery cycle is abnormal, because there is foreign activity happening behind the screen.

To solve this, you can try using another battery. If the performance returns to normal, it means that the problem is the battery. But if the performance is equally bad, the meaning is true: your HP is not doing well. There is activity in the background that drains HP resources

2. HP temperature quickly heats up

The next way to find out if our cellphones are tapped is that the temperature of the cellphones is easy to heat. This problem usually occurs when the cellphone is used for heavy work such as recording videos, playing games, including when the cellphone is being tapped

If today suddenly your cellphone lags, the battery is wasteful, and the temperature is hot, immediately move the smartphone data to Google Drive /Terabox Free 1TB Storage and factory reset

3. HP enters Safe Mode by itself

Have you ever seen HP shut down and when it reboots it automatically enters Safe Mode even though it’s not updating the system? It’s possible that the cellphone is in the process of being rooted, and this shouldn’t happen on a normal cellphone.

If you have never rooted, you may see this is normal. If you have done root before then you think that this incident is suspicious, check the installed application thoroughly once the root process is complete. Make sure no strange folders/files appear in it.

It’s even safer if you directly factory reset it to factory defaults..

4. Apps Run in Background

We often forget to close the application after using it. But if you find an app opening on its own and can’t remember when to open it, watch out! Maybe there is malware or hackers trying to steal data remotely.

If this happens more than once, try to see what apps are always running on their own without you opening. There is a possibility that malware or eavesdropping comes from the application.

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5. Foreign Applications Appears That You Don’t Install

Worse than before, a tapped cellphone can bring up foreign applications. Android users who experience it the most.

What are the uses of these suspicious applications? which is sure to help hackers run smoothly starting from the Android system root application, keylogger application to record keyboard beats, voice recorder application, front-back camera control application, etc.

If your cellphone experiences this, immediately delete these applications to the root folder (data collected by hackers is usually stored here) if you don’t find it, try clicking the 3 dots and then selecting show hidden folder > delete all suspicious folders

show hidden folder

6. Pop Up Ads Appear Even though Packet Data is Off

The next feature of the tapped cellphone is the appearance of pop-up ads without activating data. If your cellphone shows this, don’t ever try to click on the ad because maybe it’s actually an authority/permission to carry out illegal activities

Hackers usually send certain images to open a smartphone system backdoor. If you experience this, immediately activate airplane mode and check the list of installed applications and then delete all suspicious applications

7. Suspicious Activity on HP

The characteristics of our cellphones being tapped, the last one is the emergence of suspicious activities such as sending calls/SMS itself. This is a very dangerous activity condition, because the hacker has managed to control the smartphone remotely.

Hackers can freely ask for and find out your account PIN OTP code, download personal data containing all the contents of conversation messages on WA / SMS, etc.

The most effective way to deal with a bugged cellphone is to back up all data to Drive Online and reset the smartphone to factory defaults. It takes sacrifice, but the most important thing is that the hacker can’t control your cellphone anymore.

That’s a collection of ways to find out our cellphones have been tapped as well as how to overcome them. Remember, don’t make your cellphone a place to store confidential data for too long, because this device is very vulnerable to hacking, especially Android users.

In order for the security of your cellphone and personal data to be protected, you should install an additional protection application in the form of Antivirus considering that the popularity of Android has defeated Windows, which means that hackers are starting to get excited about developing viruses for the Android operating system because the target is wider and there are still many ordinary users.

Secure important data in Drive online, you can use GoogleDrive, OneDrive or my recommendation is Terabox because 1TB of free online storage is also an easy data backup process, just click synchronization on the application, besides that files can be viewed directly without downloading them



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