How to find keywords and blog article sources

IT People Blog – I want to simplify everything related to blogs. The decision to develop it or not is yours. I’m always looking for simple ways rather than complicated technicalities.

Usually I look for sources of articles by utilizing social media, news media such as yahoo, trending twitter and google ads.

1. Via Yahoo Suitable for news topics.

You can also take advantage of any web that provides news lists for its users, such as yahoo.

yahoo news

The difference is, yahoo provides a list of news from various website sources. This is easier than opening websites one by one with multiple tabs in the browser.

2. Via Google Chrome

The difference with yahoo, part of the list of news in chrome is displayed based on our interest in one or more news topics. For example, you often open automotive news, then slowly the news displayed on chrome is also related to automotive.

This makes it easier for you to find new article topics without having to bother looking for them. Your task after that is to post it in your own language style to your blog. The news list in chrome is also not always “news”. Because it is based on the language, interests and habits of users, personal blogs are also often featured in it such as ‘IT People Blog’ because they are registered with Gnews

Blog tutorials, cooking, beauty, health to foreign languages ​​also appear there, the weakness is that you can’t know the news topics that are currently being discussed (viral)

3. Via Twitter

Looking for a slightly different viral story? Twitter is the most suitable place. .

The table of contents of trending hashtags on twitter changes more often than the list of trending in other places. Many websites take the trending on twitter and polish it for their web needs and it goes viral.

You can find a more complete section of the material under the title Twitter Spam.

4. Via Google ads

Quite complicated! If facebook ads focus on interest and reach, google ads play on keywords and ad text.

Here you can use google ads to get the best keywords before starting to write articles on the blog.

If you are not registered with Google Ads, please register as usual and create a free ad first. Ignore if asked to make payment. Here we will only use the keyword search feature.

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a. Make sure your browser is not installed adblock / ad blocker of any kind. Including the VPN extension now includes adblock

b. After completing the process of registering an account, you will open a dashboard with a display like the one below. Appearance when you open it at this time may be different from what I show on this blog when it was written.

If you are still unsure whether you will be charged after the new ad creation process or not, you don’t need to worry. There will be no charge as long as you don’t fill in your credit card details or add your google ads account balance from a bank/ATM.

c. Now it’s time to create a new ad unit to see which keywords are needed later. Click Campaign then select the + sign and New Campaign.

Please look at some of the pictures below and follow the arrows that already exist.

research kw googleads1

d. The next step is to enter your blog address

research kw googleads2

e. Click continue and set like this

research kw googleads3

f. Scroll down and find other suggested keyword ideas.. Example : See the numbers displayed. The higher it means that the keyword is being searched for and used as well.

research kw googleads4

The competition is tough but powerful. Or you can use more focused keywords that is, build keywords that are low in search and modify those keywords to increase the number of searches.

Overview of Trending Blog Articles

Trending, booming, viral and excited is a unity that cannot be separated, and is desired by everyone. Those of you who play in news content clearly have to prioritize these trending keywords.

You could say the discussion about the content that is being discussed is the easiest to write but also very easy to leave. For a more in-depth discussion, I will divide the material into 2 parts, namely:

1. Trending Free

In this game go to an easy level, intended for your website that discusses everything, the term is a gado-gado blog. You can find material for making new articles very easily by taking advantage of existing ones.

You can find it through social media, web or browser. On Twitter, for example, because each trending generally only uses 1 word, then you can immediately use that word as the focus keyword for your article.

Next look for sources for citations in your article. The writing that is copied and pasted doesn’t really matter, it’s like the answer to a math problem, until whenever the answer is 2 + 4 = 6, and every child will answer the same thing but that doesn’t mean they are cheating, right?

As a differentiator, in doing mathematics, a description of each written answer is usually added, namely:

known, asked and answered.

In blogging, I refer to these as “essential pleasantries”. In practice, taking these free trending keywords is quite easy, we simply observe the situation, write it down and share it, then visitors will come right away.

Even though the headlines on the news are always turned around, actually the subject matter is the same, I take the example of the death of Chester Bennington (the vocalist of Linkin Park), there are hundreds of different titles from each website, on one website they even keep changing the title even though the topic being discussed also the same. Example :

“A new fact has been revealed, it turns out that this is the confession of driver Angel Cunsi who caused an accident on the Puncak Lumbung Ngawiro toll road yesterday, causing 3 passengers to be injured…”

The title is different as if it was made like the latest news, the content remains the same, the contents of the letter written are also the same, and the level of similarity of information is almost 100% of the previous writing. What makes the difference between the titles is “the pleasantries of the author”.

In my opinion, this small talk is very important, especially at the beginning and end of the article that we make. The more words in one article is good, but if the material is out of stock, the best alternative way to keep our articles looking a lot is to add a few simple sentences.

2. Focused trending

The technique is the same as free trending, only here it is intended for those of you who discuss topics in more detail such as sports, automotive, health and the like. For example, when you talk about football, you can also talk about UCL, clubs and transfer news, but you can’t talk beyond that, unless you play with free trending techniques.

The method is the same, but here you have to look for deeper references/sources and the writing should also be considered, not only focusing on the title. For this you can fully use the desktop without the need for the help of a smartphone, now what we use is yahoo news.

Yahoo news has quite a lot of menu tabs and takes from clearer sources and here we will develop it for the content of the article.

Example: my blog focuses on discussing automotive, incidentally the trending news is the accident of a famous artist involving a Pajero sports car.. well here we can quote a little accident news then we will discuss safety, tips for driving on toll roads, car features and so on

Choosing blog article references

Although it is recommended to take a reference or a newer source, actually taking from an old source in some cases is not a problem.

It doesn’t matter when we take references from articles that have been around for quite a while, because the topics we discuss have been around for a long time. Precisely here our goal is to update and refresh the topic.

Especially if the purpose is only to be quoted and added to the article created, for example:

“A similar incident had previously occurred in the area of ​​West Jakarta, to be precise in 2006. At that time …… “

The completeness and clarity of the article is an important addition now. The length of time visitors stay on the page they open on your blog is also important. Therefore, adding more sources is good.

Match also with the moment what is happening right now. All topics can be adapted to the sensitivity of each author. It is not a guarantee that if the keyword value you use is high, it means that your article will be successful shortly after it is published.


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