How to Extend Sim Online at the Latest Digital Korlantas

How to Extend Sim Online at the Latest Digital Korlantas – Finally after 4 years I will have my driver’s license again & drive legally lol. But idc, i’m blaming samsat for this. When I wanted to extend the time, it was difficult to block M, the break time was absurd & I liked to close my head, that’s why I failed to extend it. When you want to do it, it’s failed during the test

Queues to extend sims everywhere are taking too long, oh my god, yesterday was the best time to go online

Tried extending the sim online and it only ran out 151,501 already the same as the shipping fee + bank admin😌 where is the free medical test😂

It’s quieter because it’s been a sim extension. I tried online and it worked.

Last Friday, I submitted it and Tuesday the sim arrived at home, wow

Is there a sim extension too?

It’s cool that the sim extension can actually be done online, and my package finally arrived👍. I did everything because I was lazy to stand in line wkwk + youtube tutorial, great. hopefully there will be other updates in the application, to make it more flexible.

No queuing, no leaving the boarding house, just lying down for +- 3 hours. The long time in the psychological test is too much because the brain is tired

Driver’s license (SIM) must be renewed every 5 years. So, it’s important to know how to extend your SIM online which is practical and doesn’t have to queue up.

How to Extend Sim Online in Korlantas Application

1. First of all, you download the application first on App Store (Apple) Playstore (Android), after that enter your cellphone number, prioritize the WA number, later after that there is an OTP, return to the application until there is an OTP input command

2. After successfully entering the OTP then you are asked to create a PIN (6 digits) then re-confirm the PIN, complete the data, input the NIK and email then click save data

3. Next is the KTP verification process, the conditions are listed, if the NIK and selfie photo match the EKTP data, it will show that the EKTP verification was successful, then the applicant is asked to check email to verify the registered email

4. If it is successful, you will then enter the application, then click SIM-SIM renewal until the display looks like the 3rd photo, choose whether you want to renew SIM A / SIM C, register identity by entering SIM No and upload documents

5. The next step is to complete the requirements for a health test and psychological test, later there you can be directed to the direct web, for your health test, choose Central Jakarta (so you don’t go to the clinic directly) this is free, guys, the test is online

6. If you are offline, you will be charged 35k (in Jogja) or in other cities, then register first on the psychological test website, here there are 100 personality questions, 450 questions of accuracy before your test will be directed to the web, then pay 37.5k (via BNI) if you pay from a different bank, it becomes 40k

7. If you have taken the 2 tests, the display will be all checklists, then select the SATPAS location according to your friend’s domicile, proceed to the return account (desired friend’s account) and if the SIM application is rejected, check the number to make sure the correct number will appear account owner name

8. The next process is taking the SIM, it can be picked up or sent by Pos Indonesia, to take there are 2 options, namely take it yourself and be represented

9. Then pay by including the VA number, after the payment is successful, the SIM renewal status becomes “paid”

10. Wait a day after the friend “make payment then the progress will increase to 50% “processed” 60% “issued and packaged” 80% “SIM sent”

Just waiting for the SIM to be sent by Pos Indonesia to a friend’s home address”

Oh yes, for this SIM extension, it can be H-30 days before the validity period expires, guys, it is recommended not to be too tight on the date

It seems that in terms of service, there are many good ones, I took care of the online SIM smoothly, taking care of the ID card is also much better than the first time I took care of it. The difficulty is that in the era of regional autonomy, public services are very dependent on the region, so it is not evenly distributed.

Maybe it’s good to be given information in Instagram highlights for the flow, terms & fees for services such as sim/skck creation & renewal, etc. both offline/online.

online sim extension via Korlantas apps, 2 hours just finished.. hahaha.. just waiting for the process..

Well, even though there’s a little emotion, because the application likes to make things funny, now it’s just waiting for the sim to be sent

Thank you for reading.


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