How to easily boost new blog visitors

IT People Blog – An easy and fast way to increase visitors on a new blog is to share it on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, tiktod, etc.). The model of sharing blog posts to groups is worth considering and tends to be safer than spamming using third-party group autopost tools.

When sharing to a group on social media it is very important to pay attention to the similarity of topics discussed between the blog and the group. Here I have prepared a blog with the theme of health, to find a suitable Facebook group is a bit difficult, but that’s okay, let’s continue.

Blog name: Long life recipe

After that it starts searching for a new suitable group. After joining, you will automatically be given suggestions of groups similar to the one you just joined.

health group

So how do you share it? The way to share is easy, but there are some etiquette in the group that should not be violated and instead followed because this will benefit us later.

What’s that? let’s look at ethics and how to promote blogs into groups,

1. Share the link through the group discussion column

2. Share link via comment box from other user’s status/post. Being an active member in the group is highly recommended, become famous in several groups, give your contribution by helping other group members’ questions, if you have articles that can answer complaints asked by other members, use the comments column to place a link, in this case you will get 2 points at once, namely being active in groups and promoting blogs.

Besides being famous in the group because you often contribute and help other members’ questions, you can also benefit more from that. The tendency of other members who see you often answering questions will make you a Facebook friend or they will become your loyal followers, especially people who feel that you have contributed greatly to successfully solving the problem.

That way, when you make a new post in the group there will be a notification to them because your account is followed, you need to get more group member attention through shared posts and direct involvement in the discussion

The most popular posts will put your posts in the group in the first place of the group, will not be shifted down, usually last up to 3 days or more your posts hang out at serial number 1, the more views, the more interactions and the more people visit, right no? it feels the same as being on page 1 of google.

You also need to consider a matchmaking group, even if it doesn’t fit the topic you created. Matchmaking groups are filled with people from various backgrounds, various backgrounds and various interests. In addition, they are indeed “looking for” and you provide alternative search results in the form of health articles that you create.

Double visit trick with a special Blogger or wordpress page

If you are a wordpress user, you can easily use a plugin like Ad Inserter. If you often read online news, you will often find a promotional link that they share on their Facebook. After clicking, the full page will appear or the next button,

Another addition that you can do on your blog to get more pageviews is to add auto reload on your blog, either with a plugin that you can search for in the wordpress plugin tab or with a manual script like this

1. Login to your blogger account

2. Select the template menu

3. Select EDIT HTML

4. Next, look for the code and (use ctrl+f to make it easier to find the code)

5. Place the following code script just above the code

6. Save the template

Information : Change the refresh or reload timer 150 which I marked in red above as you wish. The best time is 250 – 300 seconds. By adding auto reload, when a visitor comes to your blog and he doesn’t do anything within 125 seconds, then your blog will reload the page automatically, and that counts 2 pageviews.

Even if it’s a little, it’s quite helpful. And if you are already running ads on your blog, the ads that visitors see when they first visit your blog and when the page reloads automatically will be different.

Increase daily blog visitor statistics

Preserving means maintaining viability, the intention is to keep visitors there and make the blog survive. Getting traffic to a blog is easy, maintaining it is difficult.

Make our blog statistics always stable every day even when not promoted. The first step after creating a new article is to increase the readership of each article you just created, promote it immediately when you publish the article.

You don’t have to pay, you can share to Facebook and other social media

Second, gradually build your Facebook fanpage. Update your article about once every 1-2 months, if it feels close to expiration, change some of your articles, add writing in several parts. Fanpage will be useful for retaining fans of your blog and finding new fans easily.

You must know that many hoaxes that occur on Facebook come from the “share” button in every Facebook post. That is, the button is indeed very useful and you can use it by continuing to add fans to your blog on facebook.

Third, prepare a list of the most read articles, if you have free time you can re-share the article or promote it, if the article has a lot of readers, it means that your article is on the rise, don’t waste the opportunity to continue to increase its readers.



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