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How to Earn Money on Appen Experience Appen Indonesia – So beforehand, I hope you can understand this thread of mine, for example, if anyone wants to ask deeper questions, you can also dm me later

Okay, so first I want to tell you that Appen is a website platform for us to be independent freelancers, here most of the choices are social media labeling, search engine evaluator, linguistics, and data collectors.

For social media labeling, our job is to label goods. For example, if you open amazon or ebay, there’s usually something like “Clothes>Women’s Clothes>Tops & T’shirt” at the top, for example, yes, it’s our job to label things like this.

For search engine evaluators, usually it evaluates applications that have just been developed, for example, what is lacking after we try the application or whether the application is comfortable to use, it’s more like that, this usually depends on the cellphone too, some are compatible and some are not.

For data collectors, we usually collect data that is needed by the company, for example, he is currently developing facial recognition or collecting photo data of places that are needed. If I’m a data collector, I’m very rare because there are some that we have to leave the house for certain locations, gt

As for linguistics, I’ve never tried it because if that’s the case, you usually need a certain license if you’re really fluent in certain languages ​​or are you pro?

So, to become the freelancer himself, we need to register first, you can register here

Btw, this requires more English, yes and 18 years and above is usually the age, because there is a work contract too.

Then after creating an account and filling in the information, we will be directed to create a payment account, here the payment is via payoneer, not paypal. Usually it is paid in dollars.

Now for the fee itself, it usually depends on what freelance, if the survey is usually for less than 5 minutes, it’s usually only 0.50 dollars, there are also 2 dollars per task or 2 dollars per hour.

The last project I’m still doing is social media labeling, I get paid 2 dollars per 60 items I label, a maximum of 8 hours per day, but how many hours are free, because the system is if you don’t do it that day, you don’t get paid that way

Then last month it was okay, I used to only work for an hour and two hours per day, I got 60 dollars for a month, even though I only worked on it for a while, you can just imagine if 8 hours per day means 8 hours = 16 dollars per day, 30 days is pretty good I mean, if you have the intention, it can be pretty good

That’s about all I can share the info with, but if you want to ask more, feel free to ask


– Is it difficult to create a Payoneer account?

Why not, there will be steps as well as I remember when I was directed to connect to Payoneer, it’s like creating a paypal account, just make sure the email on your Payoneer account is the same as the email on the appen

-want to ask, where do you find the labeling? I just found this survey hehe. so what do you have to do to pay for it, bro?

On the appen website, when you’ve logged in, there are lots of projects, right, if I’m the one who registers the project myself, the jobdesc is there to label stuff like that. For payment, it’s actually free to enter when you want, but usually you will be directed to connect your Payoneer account

-want to ask.. I’ve checked the website but there’s only data collection there, where is the labeling on it?

In all projects there is usually one for social media labeling, at that time I joined the Ingals project, he was social media labelling


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