How to Draw Papaya Easily

How to Draw Papaya Easily – Have you seen the painting? It seems easy when you see other people painting Papaya. Ugh, but when I tried it, it was difficult and the result wasn’t great. One solution is to learn the basics of how to draw Papaya.

Just like drawing an entire tree, drawing a Papaya also requires proper proportions. There are many sections in Papaya. There are seeds, flesh, skin. Not to mention if you add effects around it. It takes a lot of practice to get used to. So, if you are asked to draw Papaya, you don’t have to worry anymore

There are many techniques for making papaya sketches for beginners that will make it easier for you to create works. Because actually painting in a realistic style is not as difficult as you think

For this tutorial, it’s a Papaya drawing technique. The final result of this work is coloring with colored pencils.

It’s not difficult to draw Papaya, I think almost anyone can draw it. That’s because the shape of this fruit is not too complicated.

How to Draw Papaya Easily

Make a sketch first, I use a HB pencil

1. Make a center line first, then draw the papaya

2. Don’t forget to make lumps around the inside of the papaya

Make the seeds using colored pencils first

1. Make a bullet”

2. The bumps are colored

3. Around the seeds are colored thin items”

4. The seeds and grons are covered with paint, until there is no color on the paper. Don’t forget to highlight some seeds, okay?

I use watercolor koi & pentel

Make the meat

5. Apply yellow color on the edge of the meat

6. The color is orange inside, then blend it

7. If it’s a bit dry, put a red color in the middle of the meat

If it’s hard to blend, add water

Now make the skin yyyeeahhh, be patient, guys, it’s a little more finished

8. Base color first, mix green & yellow

9. Add a light orange color

How to Draw Papaya Easily

10. Now this is starting to play with dark and light colors. The dark part that is covered by papaya is given dark green, the light is given yellow & white

11. Darken the part of the papaya that touches the floor again, use the color of the item

12. Make the shadows


Even so, drawing Papaya fruit that results as close as possible to the original is certainly something to pay attention to. The object I’m using in this tutorial isn’t just a regular red Papaya, it has a patterned inside.

In order to be able to draw a good Papaya, you can see the tutorial above. good luck :).

So How To Draw Papaya Easily


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