How To Download Pinterest Photos That The Download Button Doesn’t Appear

How To Download Pinterest Photos The Download Button Doesn’t Appear – How To Download Pinterest Photos That Don’t Appear The Download Button download – Hello, in this article, we will provide a tutorial for all of you, namely how to download Pinterest photos where the download button does not appear or the download button can be said to be a download button and the download button does not appear.

Pinterest is usually used by people to download wallpapers or aesthetic photos. With this Pinterest helps people to be able to get the pictures they want. Previously, if you weren’t familiar with Pinterest, it was already more famous that there was a tumbler, only tumblers in Indonesia were blocked, so now there’s only Pinterest that can be used.

How To Download Pinterest Photos That The Download Button Doesn't Appear

The advantage of Pinterest is that it presents images that are very updated and also contemporary. such as aesthetic pictures and also viral pictures. Usually people use this pinterest to find wallpapers or download and look for concept references needed in taking pictures.

On Pinterest, you can use it on Android or iPhone. But if you try it in the application, there will be a problem, one of which is Download button that doesn’t appear on pinterest.

To overcome this, here we will provide two options, first we can use scanning using images that are already on Pinterest and then after that the original image will appear which can be downloaded.

Then the second strategy is that we use Google Chrome. If we use Google Chrome then we can’t use Pinterest’s image search feature but we can directly download images where the button doesn’t exist. So using chrome then you will download photos that are really HD.

How to Download Pinterest Photos That The Download Button Doesn’t Appear

A. Using Scan

1. first you go to pinterest and then you look for the image you want to download

2. if there is no download button or download then you can click the button search or scan button

4. After that, please click on the image and select the part of the image you want to scan free

5. After that, a photo recommendation will appear.

Then you select the photo, click on the top right corner and a display or image download option will appear

B. using Google Chrome

1. If the download button in the Pinterest application does not appear, you will be able to use Google Chrome

2. Open Google Chrome and open the pinterest website, then find the image you want

3. then hold on the picture then later a download option will appear

4. Please click download then later your picture will be saved in your mobile gallery

You can do these two ways on Android or iPhone. Why can’t pictures on pinterest be downloaded?

because pinterest only displays the source of the image. So if the image cannot be downloaded, it will usually point directly to the source of the image and you have to visit the source of the image.

Well if the image is still being downloaded, it means that the image is saved on pinterest.

Actually there are many more tutorials to download Pinterest if the Download button doesn’t appear.

You can use the application but in our opinion it will be more complicated and easier to use the two methods above.

So many articles on how to download Pinterest photos that don’t have a download button, hopefully with this tutorial this time it can be useful for all of you and thank you


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