How to do the PU PPU PBM UTBK High Score Problem

How to Get a High Score for PU PPU PBM UTBK and How to Work on the High Score PU PPU PBM UTBK Question – Some of you may have experienced this problem, right? Questions that focus on reading and writing comprehension are a matter of preparation for prospective students to be more familiar with courses on campus.

Because it’s different from studying in high school, once you become a student, you will face assignments that test your theoretical abilities.

In general, courses require a formal writing style, complete sentence structure correctly, and adherence to the Indonesian Writing Order (KBBI).

Because PBM is a question with a standard Indonesian written structure, the UTBK organizers use this type of question to better assess the abilities of prospective students. But keep in mind that even though the correct Indonesian language skills are tested, the PBM UTBK questions do not imply that the types of questions tested are similar to the basic Indonesian language material, you know.

The types of questions and questions in the exam are still subject to the types of questions in the college entrance exam.

okay, disclaimer: I only give tips that are useful for me!! 3 photos above in a row & I’m glad this article can help you too!

How to do PU PPU PBM UTBK High Score Score


How to Get a High Score for PU PPU PBM UTBK

Our ability to endure reading long texts is very important! If you like to be alone, I suggest you start reading the news/journals!

My tip: I usually look for TKA history learning resources on news portals like Kompas, Tirto, etc!

1. Read the question first, then to the text!

There’s very little time for each subtest for that length of text, so it’s best if you already know what you’re looking for before diving into the text.

2. Read fast! Consciously or not, many people ‘read too long’ because they cannot scan words.

Read sentence by sentence, not word by word: focus on the point.

For example, in this paragraph, I have crossed out many words because it makes reading difficult. I focus on the keywords in each sentence to save time!

If you can eliminate unnecessary words, you can easily say that this sentence is talking about:

college graduates looking for work with businesses such as sending CV, registering to job fairs, self-advertising & creating a business.

How to Answer Questions:

For the question: The correct statement based on the text above is…

1. Understand each point, use method no. 2 earlier.

2. Be careful because the answer must be in the text!

3. Eliminate options one by one from the most illogical to the most plausible.

* For questions: Based on the text above, which statement may be true?

Maybe it’s right, it must be wrong, this is really deceiving! To answer correctly, you need to know what the problem in each option is, is it relevant to the text? Is the solution right?

Examples of this:

‘Some are even desperate’, what is he desperate for? In the text, her desperation resulted in her not being able to get a job. The assumption is that this individual’s pessimistic nature prevents him from getting a job. The solution? Give him self-development so he doesn’t give up.

* For the question: the meaning of the same affix…

1. You must know the various meanings of affixes (available on google)

2. Examine the identification, for example here the meaning of ‘difficulty’ & ‘loneliness’ are conditions.

; if it’s like in option B, the residence is more like a house, etc.

* For questions: expansion of the main sentence…

If in a sentence there is the word ‘that’ ‘that’ ‘very’ ‘lack’, it’s immediately crossed out because it’s already expanded, but I forgot what it was?

; sister (the one in the white dress) is (very) cute

the one in the white dress refers to sister, really refers to cute

For questions: correcting punctuation marks, correcting letters, etc

lots of reviews from puebi!! I also read articles

which makes me understand a lot

For the question: The correct title for the text above is…

remember if a good title summarizes the entire text, not just one part. not too concise, not long-winded.

I usually eliminate each option, for example in option A, the area name is missing = strike out.

For questions: correcting words, non-standard words, synonyms, antonyms

read… kbbi… and keep reviewing every time you see something like “why isn’t this comfortable?” “uh, why is he like this in this text”

btw this is pretty fun: play with words

If you’re bored, maybe you can try to link words & look for their meaning in KBBI

kayak: fire – cow – but – tapir – veil – sow – run – news – patience – etc

For the question: the word that has changed its meaning in the word above is…

this is also very deceiving!! The easiest way is to understand the dictionary meaning of the word…

50/50 tips; if you find this question & all the options look correct, try to find the most informal one!!

For questions: facts & opinion sentences

Opinions are biased!! facts proven by data

for opinions: look for sentences that you can twist or have words like “should” “not enough” “already good”

for facts: look for those that can be proven by data & are absolute!

i guess that’s it, huh? For SPOK, I suggest learning from yt, sis Fauzan, because I understand watching it there if there is additional, you can also reply!! hopefully we can all increase in value!

That’s how to do the PU PPU PBM UTBK High Score Problem


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