How to Display the Latest Newsletters on Twitter

How to Display the Latest Newsletters on Twitter – How to Show Newsletter Newsletter On Twitter profile, Welcome to After rolling out some new features in its app (like voice notes and Spaces), Twitter recently acquired Revue.

Revue is a company that specializes in providing online mail subscriptions/newsletters. This platform is known by writers to publish their work (such as news).According to Twitter, Twitter is also widely used by writers (including individual writers, journalists and publishers) to share work and create discussion.

How to Display the Latest Newsletters on Twitter

The Revue acquisition is a form of Twitter support to help writers grow and connect with readers more easily. According to reports, Twitter decided to acquire the Revue platform to compete with a similar service namely, Substack.

According to the New York Times, Twitter had previously discussed plans to acquire Substack in November 2020. However, Hamish McKenzie, co-founder of Substack, immediately dismissed the claim via a tweet on his personal account.

After the acquisition, Twitter also changed the mechanism of cooperation between authors and the platform. Revue previously only available for Revue Pro is now available to all users for free. In this way, the author can get the maximum benefit.

Revue itself was founded in 2015 with only 6 employees. Now fully functional and not inferior to Substack.

In addition, authors can add, update, and remove people who subscribe to their newsletters.

This feature sometimes appears sometimes not on some Twitter accounts. so for now only certain twitter accounts get this feature.

How to Display the Latest Newsletters on Twitter

1. First, please go to twitter on your cellphone or you can use a laptop (desktop). then please click the three dots more” keep clicking newsletter

* what if there isn’t one? if the feature does not appear then you can directly visit the following website: Here

2. then please you guys login by using your twitter account.

3. Then you can click add new issue then Edit to be your newsletter.

4. Please fill in free sigh and click schedule issues

Then how do you display a newsletter on Twitter?

5. click “Account Settings” > “Integrations” > Select Twitter

6. Click settings

Click Enable “show newsletter on twitter profile” Continue below select the issue yes Done

then the newsletter will automatically appear on your twitter profile. This feature will appear on your account profile and you can edit how it looks in terms of design

if you want to add a domain you can also add a domain with what you want. By using this feature, you can later get paid from people who subscribe to your newsletter.

So now automatically can benefit by using this feature. This feature is a new breakthrough on Twitter so that users can tell things long and clearly. Because on Twitter, we only use tweets that are limited by 120 characters.

That’s How To Display Newsletters On The Latest Twitter


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