How to Determine a Good and Correct Thesis Title

How to Determine a Good and Correct Thesis Title – Please post again, even if it’s short, so that this account is still alive wkwkwk

I wrote the title of this article How to Title Thesis, but actually this can also be given the title How to Research Ideas. Thinking about the title for a thesis for some people, when it’s set das des just pops up.

But for some people it is a difficult thing, very difficult in fact. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. It’s like looking for nail clippers when you want to use them.

How to Determine a Good and Correct Thesis Title

Several times, someone has asked the dm, do you have a title suggestion or not? Any object suggestions? Any suggestions on what approach to use? etc. I’m sorry, to be honest, we are also confused when asked that.

In addition to God willing, it will be difficult for you and then we will be blamed, we are also not experts who know everything. So, to be honest, it’s a bit difficult to answer.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about titles or who are just thinking about titles, in this article I want to share a few ways that I use and learn about these titles. Hopefully it can be useful for you, even if only a little.

Btw, I’ve already talked about this in the space when discussing the title of the thesis. But it’s been a long time. Well, maybe many people didn’t follow the space before and maybe those who also forgot about it. So, let’s start this article.

The way I use the most is “favorites”. For example, if you are confused about what to research, try asking yourself first, what do you like. Well, from there, you can get at least 1 thing and that can be a starting point.

For example, if you like watching movies, you will get the object of research. Another example, when you study at a university, you are really excited for discussions (when discussing gender, for example), so that can be used as a starting point for determining the approach you want to use in your scripts.

But but I’m still confused about what I like

Seriously nothing at all? What do you do when you’re bummed? It’s not possible to just stay silent, right?

Play social media? Watch yt? Are you familiar with K-Pop artists or your waifu/husbando? Playing games? Listening to a song? It’s got to be one of those kaaan…. Not really? What are you doing? House cleaning? What a filial son (sungkem emote).

From your gabut activities, it can also be a starting point for determining the title of the thesis. Do you like playing social media? You can check the captions of the people you fall for (usually English).

Do you like watching yt? Kating Mimin has researched a video from The Infographicsshow channel from the perspective of Ludic Linguistics. Do you want to hang out with K-Pop artists? Does Socmed have English captions? It could be like the first one.

Do you miss waifu/husbando? Find out the relationship with other characters using the SFDA approach. Btw, it’s also possible to use SFDA to research what they’re talking about. Do you like games? Check the English-Indonesian translation. Like listening to songs? Look closely at the lyrics (this one must also be in English).

So how? More confused? Hahaha. It’s okay, the important thing is that you first know the concept of this “preferred” method. When you think about it while taking a shower or when you want to sleep, it usually comes up. It shouldn’t be hard to think about what you like. What? Like to eat? I like it too.

Is there an advertisement for the product you eat? It can also be researched. Like to sleep? Wake up hey you, work on that thesis (feel slapped yourself)

Here’s a little story, okay, I have a lecturer who really likes anime and games and one of the things that fascinates me about him is his writing ideas which I think are always unique. Because he likes anime and games, the idea of ​​writing using anime or game objects was squeezed out. from the way-

character’s laugh, the duality of a character, the clothes he wears, everything. Anyway, it’s been squeezed out. That’s ridiculous in my opinion.

Why do I really fit this way? The reason is because I think writing a script is difficult. By juxtaposing it with what I like, at least the feeling of difficulty is reduced a little, because yes I like it, whether it’s the object I’m researching, or the approach I’m using.

Afraid to hate the things you like? Well, I love games and I haven’t gotten to the point where I hate the games I research. Even if I hate, get fed up, and don’t like the game anymore, there are thousands of other game titles waiting for me to explore.

Also a suggestion, don’t put your liking completely on one thing (especially since it is dynamic in nature, aka it can change against your will) because once what you like turns into something you don’t like, you will be confused and very disappointed.

Well, from the starting point that you have found earlier, you can continue to look for things that are lacking. For example, if you find the approach you want to use, all you have to do is look for the appropriate object. And vice versa if for example you find the object of research.

For the next stage (objectives, problem formulation, etc.), it really requires thinking more deeply and I suggest that you think about it yourself or discuss it with your dospem. Because it will really determine where your research will take you.

Well, I guess that’s all for this article. I’m confused about what to write. Maybe this article is not really a foreign article because it’s not just foreign students who write the thesis. It’s only because I’m a foreigner that the examples I mentioned are related to each other.

Actually, there are still many examples of research ideas that can be taken only from the favorite examples that I mentioned earlier, but don’t make it too long, or you will get tired of reading it. Thank you for reading to the end, and if you have your own way, for example, can you please share it with us hehe


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