How to Delete Video Watch List on Facebook


Facebook is a social media service that has a myriad of features that can be used to communicate with one another remotely. Facebook is the most widely used social media service in the world. Now, Facebook is not just for communicating remotely, it also has several supporting features which include live streaming, groups, pages, marketplaces, and so on.

This Facebook has a feature where you can watch videos from several users or pages that you like directly, just like websites that provide video streaming in general. Maybe there are some of you who don’t like watching videos posted by users or pages for reasons that only you know, then you can delete one or more pages in the video watch list on Facebook.

The author provides a tutorial for removing one or more pages or users from the video watch list on Facebook.


1. Visit the site Facebook in your computer or laptop.

2. Login as usual. Wait until the dashboard display appears.

3. Click the Watch icon.

4. Click Manage to delete one or more pages listed in the watch list.

5. Click the close icon on the page or user you want to remove from the list. If you have completed deleting several pages which will no longer appear on the Watch page on your Facebook, then click Done.

6. Here are the results.


With one or more pages that have been removed from the video watch list, the watched video will not appear on the Watch page view on your Facebook, especially video content that you don’t like from the page.


If you find one or more video content that has been posted by that page on the video watch page on your Facebook. However, if you don’t like the video content, you can do this by deleting one or more users or pages that you don’t like the video content.

After deleting one or more pages you don’t want to show videos from that page so that it can make you calm and/or selective in the selection of videos you will watch on the Watch page on your Facebook.


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