How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends at Once

How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends at Once – The development of social media in this era is increasingly widespread. One of them is facebook, who doesn’t have a facebook account? Almost everyone has a Facebook account. The friendship feature found on Facebook makes social relationships closer.

what do you think about your facebook friends who have reached thousands of friends. Do you know all of your friends or do you just get some friends? For some reason, some people try to mass delete facebook friends, it’s usually due to inactive facebook friends, or too many friends to be able to add new friends.

Facebook is a social media that has a limit on the number of friends on its user account with a max of only 5000, even though it has reached the maximum friendship limit, users can still communicate with other users who already have the maximum number of friends as long as they follow the account.

Facebook provides a means to be able to communicate more easily. Currently, there are many other social media that have quite a lot of fans. No wonder, if many Facebook users have not played back their accounts. One of those accounts could be friends with your account.

How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends at Once

How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends at Once

way A.

*Note: Your position is already logged in Facebook on your laptop/desktop

1. Please open google chrome on your Laptop/Desktop

2. Please add extension this LOC then click add to chrome
3. Wait for it to finish installing
4. The dashboard will automatically open

5. Click Tools > Friends Removerwait a while until finished
6. A list of the names of your friends who are not active will appear.

7. Choose your friends who are not active, keep going Click Bye Bye

8. Then later your friends will be deleted from your friendlist.

way B

Material :
Facebook Unfriend Inactive Users

Tutorials :
1. Please download termux first on Playstore
2. Once installed, open termux
3. Please install the tools with the command:
(enter the commands one by one and then enter per paragraph)

pkg install php
git clone
cd FacebookUnfriend

4. Then we run..

php unfriend.php

* Facebook token your facebook tokens (EAAAA…)
* To run it we need a facebook Token. (token can be taken anywhere) or here

5. To update the software, we do the following command

git pull –force

continue, okay, so many articles on How to Delete Friends on Facebook at once in bulk and fast, hopefully this tutorial can be useful. That is all and thank you

Maybe, you are still playing Facebook and it’s different from the others. Of course, it’s no longer useful, isn’t it an inactive friend’s account? Now, you can delete them in bulk. it’s better if your friend’s facebook account is no longer active, it’s better to delete it. Because, there are many positive impacts that will be obtained.

What if I delete too many accounts? If applied manually, of course it will take a long time. Check out the system of deleting inactive facebook friends in bulk 100% working! We will thoroughly explore the system of mass deleting inactive Facebook friends.

A few ways to delete inactive Facebook friends at once


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