How to Delete Hidden Junk Files on Samsung Phones Completely

How to Delete Hidden Junk Files on Samsung Phones Completely – How to delete storage on Samsung phones – Other files are usually one of the reasons for using large internal storage. If you are an Android phone user, of course you are familiar with memory usage notifications, usually in the form of applications, data, etc.

How to Delete Hidden Junk Files on Samsung Phones Completely

Now specifically for Samsung HP users, here we will discuss the use of internal storage, considering that internal storage is very important. This is also one of the factors that determine the speed of the cellphone. If the memory is full, the remaining memory space will make the application run optimally.

How to view Junk files on a Samsung cellphone is very easy, this method is very useful for cleaning hidden files that can quickly fill smartphone memory and RAM. Regularly cleaning and deleting junk files on Samsung phones will definitely maintain the performance of the phone.

I can’t guarantee that outside of Samsung phones it can be done, but there’s no harm in trying right 😀 First of all, sorry if my article is messy, because this is the first time for a tutorial article like this

Oh yes, this is specifically for storage on Samsung cellphones, outside of Samsung cellphones I can’t guarantee it will work, but there’s no harm in trying, right, it’s reduced by 1-3 gb, right?

How to Delete Hidden Junk Files on Samsung Phones Completely

– Ok let’s get started –

A. Starting from ‘My Files’ first, yes.

1. Show hidden files:

Three dots top right corner > settings > turn on ‘Show hidden system files’

2. If it’s done, then a file with faded lines will appear, so delete it, it’s an unimportant file

3. After that, you see, it says ‘1 items, 2 items, 0 items’, you open them one by one, if the contents are not important, delete it

4. You search the ‘WhatsApp’ folder, many WhatsApp files will come out like the 2nd pict. That’s the ‘links’ just delete it

and I suggest deleting the WhatsApp wallpaper, animated gifs, profile photos, stickers, and voice notes sections. For audio, images, videos, it’s up to you whether you want to delete all or part of it or whatever. The point is, if you think it’s useless, just delete it yhh

Go to the file WhatsApp images keep deleting the one in the file ‘Sent‘ also ‘Private‘. Do the same to the WhatsApp video and audio files

NOTES : So if you delete this, all photos, videos, WhatsApp audio first or recently and sw sent to contacts will be deleted

5. Oh yes, additionally, there is a file ‘Picture‘ it’s opened, there’s a file thumbnails, just delete it, it won’t affect your photos, your photos are safe

6. Well, the point is in ‘My Files‘ You delete files, delete data that are not important on WhatsApp, because I’m sure, as long as you play WhatsApp, there must be a lot of files, and delete files that are no longer useful, what you think is “ah, don’t use it anymore, delete it” –

or for example, if you still need it and you can delete it, you just create a gdrive or just send the files to your laptop, so if you need it at any time, just look for it on your laptop or gdrive

7. If you also install the SD card on the cellphone, do the same thing as cleaning the internal storage, so it’s clean

8. If you have, all deleted files, go to ‘Recycle bin‘, you guys empty the trash

The top three dots > recycle bin > delete all files

B. Clean Clean to ‘Gallery’

1. Select the photos and videos that are no longer in use, which you want to delete (eg meme cakes, assignment photos, spam photos, etc.). But, if you feel like you can move it to a laptop or create a drive

2. Open the recycle bin in the gallery

three lines bottom right corner > recycle bin > empty recycle bin

C. Move to apk

1. You guys clear cache all apk, it doesn’t delete the data in the apk.

2. If the apk is really rarely opened, you can click ‘Force Stop‘ and ‘Clear data‘, this reduces storage even more, because all the data used in the apk has been deleted

3. For example, if the apk is rarely opened, it’s very rare, yes, it can also be uninstalled.

4. You have to be careful, don’t let an important apk ad accidentally press force stop and clear data, it’s dangerous, all data can’t be returned again.

D. Switch to Samsung device care

a. Just look for it in Samsung’s settingsDevice Care‘, then press it’Optimize Now

b. If it’s done, press on the out of memory sectionClean Now


What is the Other File?

Others include the data used to open the apk, you know, guys, like fb, twt, ig, WhatsApp and other apks. Fyi, at first I also had a lot of others, but because I regularly cleared cache and cleared data for some apks, my other was empty

Okay, if that’s the only tutorial on how to clean cellphone memory (especially Samsung). Sorry if it’s not clear or what, if anyone wants to be asked, just reply, ok? OK hand I’ll try to answer one by one. Thanks!!!

Oh yeah guys, do the things above regularly, at least once a month or once a week, God willing, the storage will be relieved.

Question :

1. “What is meant by storage”other“That’s apasi and how do I delete it. My cellphone has applications, photos, videos, there aren’t too many, even though”

That’s the data that is used by the APKs that are often opened, bro, like WhatsApp, fb, ig, and other apks, they also need space to store this and that, so it goes to the other, how to reduce it, you can clear data, clear cache just force stop apk2 that are rarely opened bro

For WhatsApp, you can start deleting chats that used to be or maybe those you don’t use, as well as cleaning the contents of group chats that have piled up… For other social media users, you can just clear cache or clear data and force stop but you’ll have to log in again later

Clear cache is something that you have to do regularly, because the apk hasn’t been opened for a long time, and the data is piling up and that’s what causes the other one to reach tens of gigabytes. My advice, clear the cache of apk2 that is still often used, clear data and force stop apk for apk that are rarely used

This applies to all apk, default cellphone apk, download apk, google apk (gdrive, gmap, gmeet etc) so don’t just download it, it will affect it a little

2. “I’m really dizzy using Samsung, it’s a waste of storage, I’ve used a full 64 external too. What do you often do with the cache even though”

So Samsung users have to be patient hehe, they have to be diligent about cleaning memory and clearing the apk cache too, because Samsung’s default apk is a lot and corrupt storage.

A few ways to delete hidden junk files on a complete Samsung cellphone


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