How to deal with a bugged cellphone quickly and easily

IT People Blog – Inside our smartphones, there is a lot of important data that must be protected from hackers or cybercriminals. Given that this data is very confidential and risky if it is misused, then you need to know the characteristics of the cellphone being tapped and how to deal with it.

Because this is useful for maintaining data security such as internet banking, e-wallet, online stores, loan and many others.

How to know our cellphone is bugged or not

There are many ways to find out if there is tapping activity on your smartphone or not. Starting from an incoming message with a certain OTP code to the appearance of an unknown application. All of them are useful for initial protection to avoid annoying hackers.

3 easy steps for dealing with a bugged cellphone;

1. Unnatural Activities

Along with the development of technology and information, it is accompanied by an increase in public awareness to maintain the security of privacy data so as not to be blamed by others. Some of the information I read, people complained that they couldn’t access online credit applications (kredivo, spaylater, Kreditpintar) after giving the OTP code to the number that claimed to want to give shopping cashback, after logging in it turned out that the credit limit of the account had been spent to buy game vouchers and pulse by other people

One of the things that becomes the focus of your cellphone security is the presence of suspicious activity outside the authority of use

How to find out if your cellphone is being tapped many others.

One of the indications that a smartphone can be tapped is when you click on certain links carelessly, then install applications from less trusted sources, that’s when hackers implant malware in your cellphone system.

Sometimes, a person is used to accessing illegal sites (games, movies, apps, ebooks, comics) that displays multiple tabs and downloading certain apps. Therefore, viewing the browser history is important to diagnose the origin of the eavesdropping.

For example, when logging in to an application, it suddenly logs out itself, there is a notification message of an unusual login attempt from a device and many unusual things happen.

2. How to find out our cellphones are bugged with applications

Currently, many third-party applications are scattered for hacking/tapping purposes. This system, usually embeds ‘applications’ with the consent of the phone owner without realizing it, some ordinary users when installing the application do not read carefully what access is allowed to the application.

The hacking application may also be installed by your wife/husband, children, friends into your smartphone and then hide the data collected files into a hidden folder in the explorer window.

A clear example is the wiretapping done by the wife on her husband’s cellphone to find out that his partner is a loyal person.

Installing an online loan application that clearly asks for access permission to view contact information (mobile number and email list), read messages and access the main folder, so don’t be surprised if you run away from an online loan, all contacts on your phone will be contacted

In this case, it is very easy to find out that our cellphone is being tapped. First, through the front camera. Check the gallery folder > DCIM, if there is a front-facing photo even though you have never taken one, then that is an indication that the borrower has activated the front camera to take a photo of your face illegally

Be careful of close friends who peek at you every time you use your cellphone, maybe they are looking for lock patterns, passwords or even PINs

In addition to these characteristics, it can also be through the use of batteries that are more wasteful than usual. The use of quota runs out faster and the mobile phone network will often be disrupted when making calls.

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From Chat and Call Features

For those who are worried whether WhatsApp is safe or not, try checking the chat feature. If there is a chat that has been read even though it has not been opened, then this is a sign of eavesdropping.

overcome the bugged HP

Another way to find out if our cellphones are tapped is through Whatsappweb. The method:

  • Click the three dots at the top right corner
  • Select the ‘WhatsApp Web’ menu
  • If you don’t feel like linking or using Whatsappweb, then immediately log out of all devices connected there. So that eavesdroppers can no longer access.

Easy and fast isn’t it the way to find out our cellphones are bugged? Although the three methods above can detect eavesdropping activity, you must still protect yourself from hacking attempts. One of the keys is never to click on obscure links and leave the OTP code only you and God knows.



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