How to Create Multiple Cocoa Accounts to Vote Mwave and Whosfan

How to Create Multiple Cocoa Accounts to Vote Mwave and Whosfan – Want to support your idol on mwave whosfan? Here’s how to vote for your idol on mwave whosfan via cocoa or mwave whosfan,

South Korea is world famous. Not just because of culture, cuisine, and products. South Korea is also famous for its very interesting and worldwide dramas and films. No wonder Korean drama and film actors have their own stage in the eyes of their fans.

Therefore, several award shows are often held. Fans can support their favorite musicians to win the top social artist or top collaborative category. The fan choice category is clearly one of the prestigious nominations, because since the last few years, the nomination has also been enlivened by world-renowned Korean pop idols. The way to vote for the KPop nominees for the mwave whosfan event is very simple. You can vote directly through the mwave whosfan network

How to Create Multiple Cocoa Accounts to Vote Mwave and Whosfan

1. First of all, search or click “tempmail” on chrome. Or download the app at playstore.

2. Open tempmail, after that copy the email listed. I’m using a web tempmail here.

3. Add new tab in chrome, search cocoatalk.

4. Select “sign-up

5. Select “i have an email account”

6. Check all then select “agree”

7. Paste the copied email, then click verify and next.

8. For the verification code, you can open it in tempmail. Scroll down to find the inbox.

9. Open the contents of the inbox and copy the verification code.

10. Paste the verification code earlier, then click next.

11. For the password, fill it as you like (Must be remembered, write down if necessary). Then click next.

12. Fill in the profile, then click “confirm”.

13. Cocoa account is ready~

14. After all is done, delete the email in the tempmail earlier to get a new email~

15. Repeat the same way from the beginning.

The appearance of Super Junior, Bangtan Boys, EXO and others made many Korean lovers aka Kpopers appear. With the passage of time, ginseng national cuisines such as men’s groups, women’s groups, and TV dramas have attracted the attention of all countries and the world.

The separation of distance and time allows fans or Kpopers from all over the world to adopt various methods to understand their idols and keep up with the times. Support your idol’s work, this application usually provides the latest news about Korean idols.

In addition, the app has a voting function that can be linked to the M Countdown music show. Before we start voting, we must log in with our personal account, after successfully logging in, click the “Top Social Artists” category. Next, you will see a row of musician names and a voting column for each name.

That’s How To Create Multiple Cocoa Accounts To Vote Mwave and Whosfan


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