How to Create Moments on Twitter Android Iphone

How to Create Moments on Twitter Android Iphone – Moment? Make it on the Twitter web, I don’t have the thread, but if you’re confused, you can ask questions here. Twitter is not only for hanging out, fangirling or reading au, it’s also a place to post moments about yourself and the people closest to you, hehe.

Social media is a very diverse information platform. Even the latest information is always updated and can be enjoyed directly by users. To help users find the hottest topics, Twitter is also launching a Moments feature.

As one of the most successful social media platforms today, Twitter has many innovative features, one of which is Moments. Twitter Moments is a unique feature not found in other social media. Moments Twitter is a collection of stories presented via tweets about events happening around the world. If you have an idea for a moment and are interested in making your own, here we explain how to make one.

With Moments, we can present these tweets in a way that’s more engaging than just posting on Twitter. Because this is a special feature, a set of Tweets added to a Moment will show a cover photo and caption.

These moments can then be pinned to our respective profiles so that visitors can click right away to open them. Initially, Twitter Moments was only available to outlets like BuzzFeed and The New York Times. However, now anyone can create a circle of friends.

How to Create Moments on Twitter Android Iphone

1. Open safari/google/browser app (required in browser) others, then login to your twitter account at

2. Then click the profile picture in the upper left, continue to search and click “Moments

How to Create Moments on Twitter Android Iphone

3. After that press the icon like the one in the photo slide

and then I will appear like in the next photo

4. If you press the circled icon, it will appear like the one in the photo

there you can create a title and description.

5. Then for this icon, you can attach a photo/video for the cover

how to first click the circled icon and then click “add from tweet URL

6. After that, just include the tweet link, for example, if I use it from Twitter from the @.skzmvstill account, I’ll just copy paste the tweet link

7. After that this icon, here you can add your tweets that you want to include in the moments

The method is the same as the one on the cover, so just copy and paste the tweet link

8. Last published. So there are 2 types of publish, publish and unlisted (can be read from the attached photo)

9. Then if you choose to publish “publish” it will be like this, and just tweet it

Anw, apart from adding tweets, you can also add other “moments”, so it’s like subs. The first way, you first click the + sign, then copy and paste the other “moments” link

Done, I hope you understand, friends, if you still don’t understand, you can ask in the comments below

In the past, Moments could be created from an iOS or Android device. Unfortunately, currently Moments can only be created from the desktop, via a browser to Even so, you can still see other people’s Moments through your smartphone which is actually an old feature.

Moments Twitter was first launched in October 2015 and opened to the public in September 2016. Because it is an old feature, of course Twitter has made a lot of new provisions for this Moments feature. Where we can create the current Moment.


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