How to Create Flash Cards in Canva


Flashcard media is a media card that contains pictures, writing that can be made as a card game so that it is very possible for students to be interested in understanding the material presented. Flashcards can be a medium of learning in education, especially for children. These children usually prefer to learn to look at pictures rather than text. This flashcard can improve brain function in children.

This flashcard can be played by anyone with a predetermined concept or theme. For example, playing a fruit-themed Flashcard with friends. Therefore, you can make your own flashcards for some cards that are relevant to the theme.

The benefits of this Flashcard are many. For Flashcard makers, it is possible to conceptualize in determining the theme that will be poured into the Flashcard, moreover you have design and / or drawing skills. For Flashcard players or connoisseurs, it can increase knowledge about a theme from Flashcards that previously did not know to know the names of animals or vegetables.

To make this flashcard is very easy, you don’t need skills in making images that can produce good and interesting flashcards. You can create your own flashcards using Canva. Here’s a tutorial that you can follow below.


1. Visit the site Canva.

2. Log in or sign in correctly and correctly. Wait for some time until the dashboard display appears.

3. Type “Flashcard” (without quotes) into Canva’s search field, press Enter.

4. Click Create a blank Flashcard or choose a Flashcard template that can be modified to create a new Flashcard.

5. Name the Flashcard title according to your needs, press Enter.

6. Make a Flashcard according to your needs until it’s finished. This is only optional, you can choose a color or image for the Flashcard background according to your needs.

7. Click the Download icon >>> Choose a JPG or PNG image file type >>> Click the Download Button.

8. Save the Flashcard image file on your computer or laptop.

9. Here are the results.


You can also create multiple pages containing Flashcards if you need multiple Flashcards such as Water and Land Animal themes, World Countries, and so on in the same way.


This flashcard is usually used to introduce an object or object, whether it is inanimate or living, through pictures that sometimes have short explanations such as fruit names, animal names, and so on which are located above or below the flashcard image.

In addition, there are several people who make this flashcard can be used as a book which contains tens or even hundreds of pages of Flashcards containing image content along with explanations that are relevant to the image.

You as a Flashcard maker can print the Flashcard results that you have made according to the size of the Flashcard making either in the form of cards, sheets, or made into books. Not bad, you can make money from making Flashcards that will be sold to people who need Flashcards.


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