How to Create an Item Name Tag Card in Canva


This article discusses how to create object name tags along with images in Canva. This tutorial is useful for parents or teachers who want to find object name labels but don’t have the budget to introduce objects to their children (the baby) as learning, so you can make your own object name labels such as fruit names, vegetable names, furniture names, and so on. so.

This tutorial also applies to teachers or tutors who want to teach children such as kindergarten or elementary school who are more interested in visual information such as seeing inside pictures of the names of objects around us.

The author provides a tutorial on how to create an object name card using Canva. The card can be printed (print) if needed.


1. Visit the site Canva.

2. Login with the correct username or email.

3. Click Create a Design.

4. Click the (+) icon.

5. Enter the size of the paper or card as needed in making object name labels, click Create new design.

6. Enter the title of the object name card as needed.

7. Arrange the label card background according to your creativity.

8. Draw a picture of an object onto the card as needed.

9. Name the object according to the picture on the card.

In steps 7 – 9 it can be done according to your creativity to produce business card product labels, whether it is used personally or commercially (sold to online shops).

10. Click Download >>> The file type of file you want, choose PDF if you want to print it or choose PNG or JPG if you only save object name label cards to PC or laptop storage.

11. Here are the results.


You can make object name tags according to your creativity so that it can produce a visual display that can attract other people to buy your products as long as the license to use vector and assets is safe from copyright infringement.


With this tutorial, you can be expected to innovate learning media for children in recognizing the names of objects around us by creating object name tag cards digitally using Canva.

You don’t need graphic design skills to make these name tag cards because Canva has provided various icons, vectors, images, and so on.

In addition, you can become a business field to sell name card products from your creativity through Canva so that you can make money. This is great if you can do this as a side job.

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